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  1. Thanks I am not sure if I should ignore it or not though, since this computer did have a virus problem (Antivirus 2009). I was thinking I would just delete it. Do you think that that would do anything bad to the computer?
  2. Thanks! Hmm. The firewall isnt disabled though and the antivirus seems to be running fine when I checked. I was thinking I should delete it. Do you think that this would be fine to do? I don't want to risk any infection from it in case it is bad.
  3. Thank you. This computer did have a virus so I am not sure if I should ignore it or not though. I was planning on selecting the remove all and deleting it off of the system. Do you think that this is a safe idea? I checked when I did the scan and the antivirus is running fine and the Windows Firewall is on. So I am not sure if I should delete it or not. Would it hurt to delete it?
  4. You're welcome! The computer that I am having the problem with had a Spyware Protect 2009 infection so I am pretty much certain that what the ResidentSheild found is a virus. I just don't understand why it was ONLY found this way. It concerns me. I had Malwarebytes run on the computer again today and the ResidentSheild issue did not come up again, so I am so confused. I don't want to change the settings IF this is the only way the virus gets found. At least with the Sheild it tells you that its finding a virus. I have heard of perfectly legitimate .exe files getting infected and being used as a host for a virus. One example I have heard of is lsass. I don't know anything about it really but that is one example. Maybe that happened with your game file? In my case, I have never HEARD of ker.exe before and I googled it and there was slim pickings. What version of AVG do you have? And is it free or paid? I couldn't find where to put them either, but I am going to look again. I didn't look too thoroughly before.
  5. Just a quick question. I noticed you said to remove Viewpoint Manager. Is that a bad program?
  6. Hi I had the same problem with a Trojan on a friends computer and then on my own computer it popped up with a cookie alert. Try reading through the thread I started and see if that helps. I am not completely sure what is happening either though. Hopefully this is figure-out able AdvancedSetup has been helping me a lot in that thread but we are still trying to figure it out. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15344 That's the thread that I started.
  7. Does this update pertain at all to the actual Malwarebytes program? Does it infiltrate the update process and infect computers when they update? Or is the only concern the spam emails and the hurt that they are trying to do to Malwarebytes? It's so sad that this is happening I hope it stops soon and I will definitely spread the word about Malwarebytes!! I have already recommended it to and installed it on the computers of a few friends.
  8. Thank you. I will try doing that and post back to you This doesn't happen every time though. It's happened three times on my friends laptop and then once on my home computer, where it popped up with ResidentShield but the warning was a cookie so I am not as concerned about that but it still strikes me as odd. It also definitely seems as though the computer DID have that virus on it. Do you have any ideas about that and why MBAM might have been listed at the bottom of the ResidentShield? I'm concerned that there is a virus in the computer that is not being detected except by ResidentShield and if I change the settings, I am not sure what it will do. Another thing is, I have installed MalwareBytes on a couple other friends computers that also have AVG, and this has not happened on those computers. (I am okay with computers and some programs and so I offered to help them find a program in addition to their anti-virus program to help detect anything that it may missed. My friends are not as computer savvy). I am at a loss for what may be happening here. I am just really concerned about the virus being found seemingly ONLY when MBAM is being run. Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to hearing back from you.
  9. Thank you. What do you mean by your own hosted version? Obtaining it off your your website? The only place I know to download the free version of Malwarebytes (which is what I am currently using) is from download.com I got the link directly off of the wwww.malwarebytes.org website and it took me to download.com I hope that this was safe. The ResidentShield thing happened again, and I captured a screen shot. I attached it below. At the bottom, the process says "Malwarebytes". This is really confusing to me. I don't understand if AVG thinks that the virus is coming from Malwarebytes or if Malwarebytes is detecting this virus.
  10. I apologize for the third post. Is there a way to edit a post? I do not have much longer at this friends house and wont' be back again until next week I think, but I can probably tell her how to do this too. Attached is a screen shot of the results. Basically, I want to know if anyone would be able to tell me if it would be safe to delete these entries or not? I haven't yet because I don't want to create more problems in case I don't need to delete it. However, this entry does look concerning and I think it should be deleted but I am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  11. I typed it wrong: it is actually Disabled.SecurityCenter, not Disable.SecurityCenter, if that helps.
  12. Thank you so much for your reply. That definitely helps. My other question was and I am not sure if I worded it correctly, has Malwarebytes ever had a virus itself? What I mean is, has the program itself ever contained or harbored a virus that you are aware of? Okay, thanks. I was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else. Something similar also happened on my home computer (this particular post that I made happened on a friends laptop - I have downloaded and run this program on my home computer as well as the friends laptop. They also have a paid AVG version. I forgot to say that in my original post because I wasn't sure if it was important to mention or not.) On my home computer, the issue with Malwarebyes and ResidentShield that popped up was a matter of a tracking cookie, which didn't hugely concern me, but the Trojan on the laptop was concerning to me. If I run into it again I will definitely capture a screen shot. I don't know why I didn't think to do it before. I think its because I panicked about the virus.
  13. Hello. I have downloaded and run the Malwarebytes Free version on the computers of a few friends, and today when I was running a scan for one of my friends, Malwarebytes detected 2 infections. They are both named Disable.SecurityCenter and are located in the registry keys. Does anyone know if this is a true infection, and if so, if I should delete them? If it helps, I always run the full scan, not the quick scan. Also, do I need to post my Malwarebytes log? If so, where exactly do I post that? Thank you in advance to anyone that can help! This computer got infected with AntiVirus 2009 previously and Malwarebyes seems to have gotten rid of that, but then this popped up.
  14. Thank you very much. I'll try the HiJack this program too. I am not sure what was going on with Mbam and the Resident Shield. It only happened when I was running an MBAM scan. I am running it again and if it pops up again, I will be sure to post a picture of what it looks like. Essentially it detected a threat,, showed the name of the threat and then I opted to have more details displayed, and the program listed underneath was MBAM and there was a 4-digit number listed underneath that. It was confusing to me whether it thought that the problem came from MBAM (which it doesn't seem likely, do you have any idea about that?) or if it just had it there randomly. Do you know of anyone else who has had a problem like this? Also, do you know if there is any possibility that a virus has ever come through with the Malwarebytes program?
  15. Thank you. I did find the log, however, it just gives a history of what you have done with AVG (updates, scans, etc) and doesn't show anything about what actually was found. I'll attach a picture of a screen shot of the virus vault. Let me know if you'd like me to upload it to a photobucket though since it could possibly have a virus, but I would hope not.
  16. Thank you. Do you mean that I need to post the log details of MBAM or of AVG? AVG doesn't actually have a log, however, I could take a screen shot and show you what came up. While the resident shield named the program as Malware Bytes, in the Virus Vault Malwarebytes name is nowhere to be seen, so its a little confusing. If the Resident Shield pops up again like this, I will be sure to take a screen shot of it and upload it.
  17. Hi. I am a Malwarebytes Free version user, and I recently was doing a scan with Malwarebytes. I also have a paid AVG 8.5 AntiVirus program that I use too. While I was doing a scan with Malwarebytes, AVG's resident shield popped up with a warning for a virus. I clicked on the "more about this" link, and the Program listed that it was coming from was Malwarebytes. I thought that this was pretty strange. After I opted to remove it with the Resident Shield, I checked the Virus Vault and looked at the pathname, and Malwarebytes was not seeming to be listed in the pathname. So, my question is, has this EVER happened to anyone else? Has Malwarebytes ever had a virus come from itself before? Does anyone know anything about this? I love this program and I have been using it for a few months now and am considering buying the paid version. However, when this happened today I became concerned that Malwarebytes was possibly infected with a virus. Any help that anyone can offer would be extremely helpful! Thank you! Also, if you need any more details, please let me know.
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