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  1. I wanted to log in and post a couple of songs earlier and I guess I typed my password wrong, and I decided to just change it... and then I went through all the pages on this thread that I missed since I last posted and.... I am happy I did because I am having some much-needed music therapy right now and found some new great songs -- and artists -- to boot! :)
  2. My husband told me about that the other day.... a bit scary honestly. Elon Musk's satellite internet plans will make things like this not possible in the future...
  3. Despite the fact that I despise both cigarettes and alcohol, and I always will, I completely and 100% agree with you on the first part and always will. The second part, I hadn't thought about it that way, it also makes sense.
  4. Nice! I don't think I've listened to this song by them yet and I've gotta -- I love them! Edit: Whups I've listened to this song, many times. I love it!
  5. Currently listening to these songs a lot
  6. @sman He sure is... he is so so amazing.... Did you see the movie about him and the band? I felt like I was watching Freddie himself perform.... especially during the Live Aid part. You are most welcome it is a beautiful song and has helped me through a lot.
  7. And I am about to listen to the live version too, for the first time too I think!
  8. Forever thankful and grateful to an amazing friend of mine for introducing me to this song... these lyrics.... are everything ❤️
  9. @Sman I love Queen and I love Freddie Mercury. Good taste you have there!
  10. This is an excellent song by FFDP I love it. These lyrics... sounds like my ex... always promising to do & get better but never changing.... and never caring what happened to me as a result.... NEVER AGAIN
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