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  1. Is this site a false positive? The website is http://www.imageonglass.co.uk and appears to be OK. Thanks, Art
  2. access to this site (http://www.internetromantic.de) denied but it is known to be malware free in the past
  3. No I am not sure but it was my understanding that the ISP is BT. The posters site is www.adams-office.co.uk and Malwarebytes blocks this with the same IP. Art
  4. Yes, the domain is: btconnect.com British Telephone is a major telephone provider in Great Britian.
  5. Downloading stationery on newsgroup is blocked by Malwarebytes from trusted IP from contributor who recently changed ISP's.
  6. Using XP Pro SP-3 and Malwarebytes 1.36. Under the Protection tab, I see that updates and quick scan can be set to run at some hour daily. Is there a method (batch file?) to set a weekly full scan to run perhaps using Windows Scheduler?
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