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  1. Just updated windows to the latest version.
  2. Sysnative BSOD Dump + System File Collection Autoruns.txt BSODPostingInstructions.txt DriverqFo.txt DriverqSi.txt DriverqV.txt DxDiagx86.txt EvtxAppDump.txt EvtxSysDump.txt HKCUSoftMSWinCVUninstall.txt HKLMSoftMSA-SInstalledComponents.txt HKLMSoftMSWinCVUninstall.txt Hosts.txt IPconfigAll.txt Jcgriff2Log.txt KernelDumpList.txt NetSHLAN1.txt SetEnvironmentVar.txt SysList.txt SystemInfo.txt TasklistSVCHOST.txt Tracert.txt WERALL.txt WMICRecoveros.txt
  3. Was watching videos on Youtube and screen went black and pc restarted and seems normal . Window updated on the 6-5-21 Attached are the FRST reports and Scan log I did after the reboot on the 6-5-21 and 7-5-21 Looked at Error logs But nothing pops up that caused this. 754823316_WMB6-5 (1).txt FRST (4).txt Addition (4).txt wmb 7-5-21.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Are you still updating this.?
  5. MMS done a nothing found ....😅. And Trend-mirco house call found nothing also. One thing I found is that i had no sound.. rebooted pc to fix. I will keep an eye on this for a couple of days. Thank you! Here is a question for you . Can I run the fixlist.txt/FRST every so often to do a tune-up one in awhile?
  6. So far so good , doing paranoid check now. 🤪 Did rouge Killed for the heck of it and nothing bad found.RK5-26.txt Doing MS safeity scanner now.....
  7. Not yet. That was from this morning after power it on and letting it set for 5 min. I am away from my pc and will do the fix when I home and also this again.
  8. Scan Save.txt here is the Eset scan. also hhd drive useage is at 100% for awhile.
  9. Thanks. Will do tomorrow. Still waiting for eset scan to finish.
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