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  1. Nicely installed without a hitch! I've never been so happy to see a taskbar... I'm done for tonight. That whole process made me a nervous wreck! The computer hasn't been connected to the internet at all as it doesn't have wireless and it's far away from my modem. That will be my next task. I will save Avast to the flash drive and install that tomorrow. I'll be watching for additional instruction and suggestions. PS - I won't be using this PC for work anymore. It will basically just be a family pc for Facebook & perhaps games. I have a new tower for work, but I still want your recommendatio
  2. The Listparts scan was exactly the same. I can't right click on the orange ball to disable Avast, because I have no taskbar. Hopefully, the ASW scan will tell you what you need to know. NOTE: The results of this scan are VERY interesting. One thing I noted was one of the "suspicious" files: atapi.sys. I Googled this and found good info here, maybe you can peek at it? http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/279883/google-search-engine-hijacker-atapisys-rootkit/ I should have elaborated about the XP Pro cd I have. My friend bought it online and I made a copy of it for her. She never used it, in
  3. How does this look? ListParts by Farbar Version: 10-03-2013 Ran by Mom (administrator) on 11-04-2013 at 17:58:57 Windows XP (X86) Running From: C:\Documents and Settings\Mom\Desktop Language: 0409 ************************************************************ ========================= Memory info ====================== Percentage of memory in use: 18% Total physical RAM: 3070.42 MB Available physical RAM: 2507.81 MB Total Pagefile: 4349.56 MB Available Pagefile: 4020.13 MB Total Virtual: 2047.88 MB Available Virtual: 2001.92 MB ======================= Partitions ========================= 1 Drive
  4. I answered you earlier This is a Dell E521 Desktop. I don't have the original Windows XP CD, only the Drivers and Utilities disk.. I do, however, have.. a Windows Vista Home 32BIT SP1 disc from our Dell Laptop a backup copy I made of Windows XP Pro SP3 for a friend's pc (a long time ago) I already scanned the items on the dvds (2) I created, with antivirus software. I burned only the files that are a necessity (wasn't too much). I know it will be original factory settings and my stuff wiped. I'm okay with that. When I asked about using "those cd's" I meant the ones bolded below. brb with the
  5. Ok we are good! I got a few things backed up to dvd and verified that they are there. Now... am I able to use one of those cd's I have?
  6. Knock on wood for me..... somehow, I got it to start backing up my pictures and all the taxes. It looks to be actually writing the disk... When it's done, I'm going to put the dvd in the laptop and verify that they're there. If so, we are good to go for wiping.
  7. I missed quite a bit of work because of this, so there's no way I can get an external drive right now. Maybe in a few weeks. This is a Dell E521 Desktop. I don't have the original Windows XP CD, only the Drivers and Utilities disk.. I do, however, have.. a Windows Vista Home 32BIT SP1 disc from our Dell Laptop a backup copy I made of Windows XP Pro SP3 for a friend's pc (a long time ago) I'm not 100% against wiping this sucker and restarting. My biggest problem is I have NO cash to buy a drive big enough, and I can't wipe until I get a few files off of it. I can't even burn files to dvd becaus
  8. Forgot to say.... I am getting the RPC error again in Paint. I know you're not concerned about Paint, but I do think the RPC error is playing a part in some of these problems. I did some Google searching and found that many programs rely on RPC service to run. I checked services in both modes and RPC service was set to manual and not running. I attempted to start the service (in both modes) and got.. "Unable to start RPC. Error 5: Access Denied" I found numerous posts, even on this site from years ago, where people had my same issues. I wasn't able to find any posts with resolutions, but I at
  9. Safe Mode Admin - MBAM won't open. Getting Run-time error 372. Pic attached... Safe Mode Admin - Avast did open but I didn't run a scan again. Normal mode, same as above.
  10. No problem. I ran errands today, thinking you must have gotten busy. I'll do the above in about an hour.
  11. I did it twice because you told me to. (ETA - my mistake, I did do it one time to many) Yes, when the command prompt flashed open and closed (prior) it was more like a half of second. If I had blinked, I would have missed it. As far as the last instruction, the first command did indeed change the drive successfully. The second one says it succeeded.
  12. Ok, tried again, two more times. I'm in Safe Mode as Admin. When I double click the file, a command window immediately flashes open and immediately closes. I can't see what's even in the window.
  13. I ran Reset.cmd and the command prompt window briefly flashes and closes. It's so fast I can't see what it says. I'm not sure it did anything? Rebooted to Safe Mode and still can't open MBAM - same Run-time error 372
  14. Yes, I'm glad we're starting to have some success in these tasks. I'm regaining hope! SystemLook 30.07.11 by jpshortstuff Log created at 13:19 on 09/04/2013 by Administrator Administrator - Elevation successful ========== filefind ========== Searching for "*subinacl*" C:\Documents and Settings\Mom\Desktop\subinacl.msi --a---- 379392 bytes [18:12 04/04/2013] [13:55 04/04/2013] B23D3E0E4BE5BA7DA3F0F12E327751CD C:\WINDOWS\system32\subinacl.exe --a---- 290304 bytes [19:33 11/06/2004] [19:33 11/06/2004] 53CDBB093B0AEE9FD6CF1CBD25A95077 C:\WINDOWS\system32\subinacl.htm --a---- 8
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