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  1. Hello mlonabaugh, Sorry, I cannot help you here. I just want you to know that getting help at two places at once is just confusing.
  2. Hello mlonabaugh, Yes I posted just for visual inspect. Thanks.
  3. Hello mlonabaugh, It looks like the Smominru Botnet Could you please check if you have the following users in SQL Server: 'users'; 'usera'; 'ps'; 'fox'; 'wwo'; 'wq'; 'so'; 'gaibian'; 'xxa'; 'win7'; 'vice'; 'sz'; 'ss'; 'se'; 'gd'; 'syn'; 'sasa'; 'count'; 'Myar'; 'chica'; 'masqer'; 'system'; 'Rolename'; 'kisadminnew1'; 'nanshou1433'; 'nanshou'; 'shitou'; 'nanshou'; If so, disable them, but don't delete them yet. Please choose where you want to receive help: here or at bleepingcomputer? Important: Please do not delete anything by yourself.
  4. Hello CaptainHindsight, Unfortunately, I did not find information about the cause of corruption in the dump file. Could you please enable the Driver Verifier and provide a new dump? Also I see that a lot of disk errors are logged in the Windows system event log: Event[238]: Log Name: System Source: disk Date: 2021-07-11T20:44:42.3350000Z Event ID: 7 Task: N/A Level: Error Opcode: N/A Keyword: Classic User: N/A User Name: N/A Computer: DESKTOP-A1VR7HL Description: The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block.
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