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  1. 23 hours ago, marvnps said:

    I have Malwarebytes Premium.

    Is there a setting to automatically quarantine threats found by the scan process instead of having to manually Quarantine Selected items?

    Do not do this!  Please, please, please do not do this!  Some time ago an error in a MB data base update resulted in MB quarantining windows system files and literally turning PCs into doorstops.  Mine was one of them.  Were it not for my back-up software I would have been completely hosed.  Just investigate each item and decide for yourself whether or not to quarantine.

  2. My bad.  You're correct.  Looks like all of those files were 2017.  It was the self-protection setting that was preventing me from deleting the files.  The history doesn't concern me.  I know they're commonly ads of one sort or another from checking the reports.  I removed them and re-enabled self-protection.  Just seems like a lot of space.  I think I'll try to remember to clean those out once a year.

  3. 23 hours ago, Firefox said:

    At one point it was needed to do this in the early stages of MB3, however one should be able to install right over version 2.  If issues are then encountered then they may have to go through the clean reinstall process.

    I would try to install right over the current version.

    This worked perfectly.  Even though version 2 was in a different folder than version 3 installed to, the new version "knew" about the old and deleted it.  All settings, preferences, and license info were carried over from version 2 to version 3.  Nice job people!

  4. I have two (2) computers with lifetime licenses.  One upgraded to version 3 a couple of weeks ago.  The second has yet to receive the update.  Checking for updates yields nothing (the option to check for program updates is checked).  What's the best way to update to version 3?  I'd prefer to retain settings and preferences if possible.  I did download the version 3 installer but it wants to install into a different directory than the existing version 2 installation.  Thanks.

  5. 4 hours ago, AxlSmithNotThatVideoGuy said:

    I do not be mean but one of important bugs is still exists: that it messes up somehow Incremental disk images I do daily (with ShadowProtect) makes incremental disk images huge. So I have to disable Ransomware protection.

    I also use ShadowProtect but I have not had this issue (thankfully).

  6. I am using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - lifetime license.  For the first time I am getting the message that I need to update to  I am extremely anxious about doing so given all I have been reading here.  Is it safe to do so?  If so, what is the best method for doing so?


  7. Hello,


    A file (no specific extension) has appeared twice, in a row, in my AppData folder. The first time I encountered it, I shrugged it off and simply deleted it. Today, as of about four hours ago, the file reappeared in the same location again. The file goes by the name of "Local剜捯獫慴⁲慇敭屳呇⁁屖湥楴汴浥湥⹴湩潦". I tried running the Chinese characters through translate, and because of the nature of the language I couldn't quite really understand what it was talking about when I read the translation.


    Now while I haven't noticed anything out of character on my machine, this file appeared some odd months ago for the first time in which I deleted it. It comes back tonight, and now I'm scratching my head thinking this is a suspicious file.  


    If somebody who speaks Chinese knows that the characters listed describe it as a malicious file, what  can I do to prevent it from reappearing?

    It's from GTA V.  The file is fine.  It's your encrypted license information identifying you and your PC to help prevent pirating.

  8. How often is the rootkit data base updated?  The reason I ask is that Malwarebytes just completed a scheduled threat scan and I peeked at the scan log.  The log says the data base is one of the March 30 versions (2015.03.30.10) but the rootkit data base is still from March 26 (2015.03.26.01).  But when I check for updates, Malwarebytes tells me none are available.  This is the paid version and is the latest build.


  9. Just trying to help.  I have always been able to get MBAM to crash when updating a scheduled task IF I do not change the date that the task originally used.  As I type, the date is 02/18/2015 where I am.  Let's say I created a scheduled task and the original date for that task was 02/01/2015.  I can edit that task but if I do not change the 02/01/2015 date when I save the task and try to exit, MBAM will crash.  As I've said, I have always been able to make that happen ever since I purchased the program years ago.  I just assumed I was an idiot and everyone else knew to change the date to something current.  Don't know if this is on point or not so I apologize if it is not.

  10. Presently I have MBAM scheduled to run a Threat Scan every three (3) hours with the instruction to update the data base beforehand.  I have a Custom Scan scheduled to run weekly which scans my entire C: drive.  My AV is MS Security Essentials.  I have that set to run a Quick Scan daily and a Full Scan weekly.  I am reading that it is not necessary nor recommended to run a regular MBAM full C: scan.  Is that correct?  If I delete that weekly scan does everything else look sufficient to you?  Thanks.

  11. I also have a weekly (custom) scan scheduled which shows "Repeats one every 0 weeks".  If I open up the task to edit it, it shows it is scheduled to repeat once every 1 weeks.  And it will stay that way for a while on the summary display but eventually it will revert back to showing the repeat every 0 weeks.  It is not necessary for me to reboot the computer for the 0 weeks display to eventually return.  But, and this is the important part, the scan runs as scheduled so I think this is purely a cosmetic issue on the summary scheduled task page, at least it is for me.  No concerns here, just FYI.

  12. For some reason today all of my automated scheduling settings disappeared.  I had two tasks scheduled but today they were gone.  This hasn't happened before.  I'm using the latest version.


    Also, whenever I run a scan manually (as I did today since my scheduled scan didn't run due to the task disappearing) and then try to close MBAM (after the scan finishes) it doesn't close right away and windows displays an error box saying MBAM is not responding.  If I wait long enough eventually it will close and seemingly run normally thereafter.


    Any ideas?


    Logs attached.




  13. Thanks but no.  After doing some research I'm certain this is a false positive (another "Trojan.Agent.ED" false alarm).  The file in question and Malwarebytes had been living together for years until three days ago.  Not logical.  I just went ahead and excluded the file.  Still don't understand why the product went ahead and quarantined the file when that setting was not checked.  I am one of the hundreds (thousands?) of victims of that notorious data base issue a few months back that caused my PC to literally eat itself to death.  I'm much more concerned about the setting being ineffective than I am about the false positive because if you mess up again, what's going to prevent my PC from self-destructing all over again?

    Protection Logs.zip

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