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  1. Where can I find the completed scan reports and, also, the web sites previously blocked? I could view these historical reports in version 3 (and delete them if desired) but I cannot find this functionality in version 4.
  2. Thank you for this, Maurice. I just went through your procedure and verified my lifetime license is shown correctly under 3.3.8.
  3. Do not do this! Please, please, please do not do this! Some time ago an error in a MB data base update resulted in MB quarantining windows system files and literally turning PCs into doorstops. Mine was one of them. Were it not for my back-up software I would have been completely hosed. Just investigate each item and decide for yourself whether or not to quarantine.
  4. My bad. You're correct. Looks like all of those files were 2017. It was the self-protection setting that was preventing me from deleting the files. The history doesn't concern me. I know they're commonly ads of one sort or another from checking the reports. I removed them and re-enabled self-protection. Just seems like a lot of space. I think I'll try to remember to clean those out once a year.
  5. It's the folder in the earlier post from dcollins. I have 1833 files in there going back 5 years or so. If they're not needed I'd like to get rid of them.
  6. Any idea why I can't delete all of those files? When I try, Windows complains I need to be from the Administrators group. I am the Administrator.
  7. This worked perfectly. Even though version 2 was in a different folder than version 3 installed to, the new version "knew" about the old and deleted it. All settings, preferences, and license info were carried over from version 2 to version 3. Nice job people!
  8. I have two (2) computers with lifetime licenses. One upgraded to version 3 a couple of weeks ago. The second has yet to receive the update. Checking for updates yields nothing (the option to check for program updates is checked). What's the best way to update to version 3? I'd prefer to retain settings and preferences if possible. I did download the version 3 installer but it wants to install into a different directory than the existing version 2 installation. Thanks.
  9. I also use ShadowProtect but I have not had this issue (thankfully).
  10. Thanks for the response. I did choose the upgrate path and everything seems to be working. Everything's green. Looks like all of my prior settings were transferred as well. Hopefully everything will stay green. Thanks again.
  11. I am using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - lifetime license. For the first time I am getting the message that I need to update to I am extremely anxious about doing so given all I have been reading here. Is it safe to do so? If so, what is the best method for doing so?
  12. I have been receiving emails from the above supposed URL. Not https:// and not malwarebytes.org. I am suspicious. Is this you?
  13. It's from GTA V. The file is fine. It's your encrypted license information identifying you and your PC to help prevent pirating.
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