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  1. Exclusions dont always stick I have to re enter them every few days, any suggestions? mainly folders and files names
  2. OK I checked the router setting and changed the bad dns server entries to use opendns servers ran malwarebytes cleaned everything - removed all rebooted scanned with norton checked the dhcpnameserver entry in the registry and they were clean rebooted rechecked the router and the computer , all is well. Thank you for your help with this!
  3. just looked at the router and it is set to use the bad dns settings
  4. cannot seem to remove trojan dnschanger malwarebytes says no action taken After searching the internet I tried to change the dhcpnameservers setting in the reg. but after reboot it is back i the registry. Any suggestion?
  5. what I have done as a temp fix is use open dns to prevent that domain in the bat files modified the hosts file so that domain points to the loop back and renamed all instances of ftp.exe to ftp.old I hope this will help to prevent reinfection for now...
  6. here are two batch files I found today.. please advise suspectbat.zip suspectbat.zip
  7. Do I attach files to the message I post?
  8. where can I upload some suspect bat files? it trys to ftp from a site start c:\Ba9r.exe start c:\Ba9r.exe start c:\Ba9r.exe start c:\Ba9r.exe start c:\Ba9r.exe exit
  9. found this on a system today in the windows folder.. but it was not detected... syssvc.exe
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