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  1. oh, its already there re: non-PE file type Hats off to Aahh Starwind STAR KID !
  2. HKLM....IMAGE FILE EXECUTION OPTIONS, MbytesKILLED IT,i-madeRESTOREpt-incase I've no idea, it just came up on a scan and I said yes kill it or whatever get out of my face, then I thought OH! restore point. So I quickly made one that of course WILL BE BLOCKED OFF COMPLETELY -- gone, nonexistent, missing or completely FAIL EVERY TIME or three times in a row if I ever have to use it, those are so SO!!! worthless I swear. ANYWAYZZZZZZZ!!!!! I was hoping that somebody might possibly have the time and say something like:::: """"HEY ! YOU IDIOT!!!! Now tomorrow morning or the next restart its a solid BSOD for you ! "" or something encouraging like WAY TO GO KIDDO ! KUDOS! TO YOU BECAUSE OUR PROGRAM IS NEVER WRONG or whatever, that's my post and my story.
  3. Hey hey! back in again, just to say HEY HEY ! Looks like I fixed, well -- hahaa! you all fixed my problem WHEW! Just looking over the dialogue/DISSERTATION/TREATISE hahaha! HOLY CRAPPOLA You guys are helpful and thanks for putting up with my banter--RATHER yet again my pitiful attempts at humour. bye-bye-now ta-tAH! and all that now I'm off to the mart for some wine and ICECREAM! and no I won't be back kids love that one hahahahahaa!
  4. Oh the last postscript note, the ps: is there when I log in , oh wellzzzz here it is a gain JUST in case ... whew. and pasting AGAIN ! kind of buggy ... oh, no -- I must have hit a key accidentally. """ GRRRRRRR ...* logs back in quickly** thank you Ron. Now my icescream!!!!! is calling and I really must! be on my way, good day sir. """ edit: added [ ' to your, its You're to be sure! ]
  5. hA! : D one has to live by wit ... more to that I'm sure ... one of my , well to quote myself as I seem to do quite often lately hahahah! """" Oh those are really nice, where`d you get them done at? YOUR NAILS SILLY! Banter/Wit is a primary member requirement to colossal project solution. """" THANKS YOU`RE A SWEETIE I"M SURE !!! loves and I'm outta HERe ! WHEW ! ta-tA! and all that rot !!!! ) ) GRRRRRRR ...* logs back in quickly** thank you Ron. Now my icescream!!!!! is calling and I really must! be on my way, good day sir. edit: added [ ' to your, its You're to be sure! ]
  6. Not my program. Looks nothing like that. Why do I even say that? Well , the very first thing you said, no different than any computer instructions in text books, you read, mmhmm, okay and it never fails, its not there, its not the same or half the time it doesn't work, and in this instance it isn't there. Let me look again, I could be mistaken. After a little no ... make that a LOT OF DIGGING AROUND, like in any 9ovt site for like ever to find anything useful ... I FOUND IT ! its off. THANKS! I'll try that now. Restarting program and will know like tomorrow etc. etc. because I have to go STUFF MY PRETTY FACE FULL OF ICECREAM NOW! YAY! I'm so happy PS: it was in Advanced edits will be timed /blocking me off in a second ... > settings > advanced settings > enable blah blah module UNCHECKED NOW, likely will fix the problem. Frigging popups ... yes yes I know like 40 times silly AdvancedSetup joker JACK ! has replied, which I'm not reading ... ICECREAM SCREAMS TALKING TO ME NOW LATERZZZZZZZ bye-bye-now
  7. She's baaaaaaack! Yes the one with the whiny gravel grating across steel nail biting voice. I meant to say, No, no not aT this time, but thank you, instead of the blase/careless eeeeh no thanks or whatever it was. Okay hmmmm let me elaborate a tad here *hits enter key a few times* k, ready set, GO ! The hardware is fair but the O/S is XP (32 bit), do you have a version that does not hang on applying updates? Otherwise all your instructions for all of us are likely a total and absolute waste of resources, so to speak as some would say/to quote others. I can't be the only one in the world with this problem well that's a guess but I bet I'm pretty close and pretty too are you still with me? hahahaha! Okay-- It only runs/COMPLETES any scan on these systems, if the update text on the first page(dashboard) of dialogue box says "No Updates Available" after, again A F T E R clicking [Update] button. Then of course you restart program. YOu take a looksie & click dashboard tab and see an nice v2017.10.27.10 etc. there. YOu take a deep breath and lean back in your stupid broken office chair *sighs* whew ! I didn't fall over and I'll assume you're still with me here hahahahaha! For now one can rely on a successful scan of that workstation. Again in a brief length to summarize/recap/in-conclusion, yes you can borrow those >_<:::: """"" do you have a version that does not hang on applying updates? "" regarding obsolete little memory usage XPsp3 systems? Oh, relevancies/corollary: these have one processor , a flavor of i7 intel(I ntel), freq of 3.4Gz and 3 ~ 4 Gigs of Ram and SSD drives and no RAID crap ~: D. Oh yes, *sighs*I suppose-- that was a joke, I thank you for your thoughts in advance and so look forward to bugging you crazy way way, WAY! into the future. Have a good day ta-taH! and all that crap. bye-bye-now
  8. No thank you, I see your elegantly typeset/formatting message below there, again I'm beat, can barely type, too long of day/night but thanks.
  9. Oh no no - I've changed the settings, these are older systems always a bit buggy or as the new php kids say these days ... eeeeh a bit sketchy. However, I've changed the automated settings to like 3 days or 5 days or some such. WHEW! THANK THE MOD GODS AND GURUS IN HERE FOR EDITS hahahaha! Edit: 12:58 AM Friday, October/26/2017 corrected typo! Yeah hmmm runs pretty good once a person gets use to RESTARTING your program. Hmmm on the XP obsolete platforms/systems it will just hang / STOP if it can't get a connection for UPDATING. I have to say at times ... as I said I've now set it to try updates every 3 days or 5 or some such so it will be working fine I'm sure, well no, not really ... because if I try a system scan or the Threat Scan I think its called I'm pretty sure the first thing it will do is hang trying like crazy to get an update, then it might stop at PRE SCAN. I've been using it for oh a year or more now, always restarting it because after a update, most of the time it doesn't know it did it or completed it, THEN I RESTART IT, and then all works fine, well until the next time a scan is run, THEN NATURALLY, one knows to jam like crazy getting the silly updated done and shutting program off, restarting WHEW ! then let it / tell it to scan and no troubles, but what a hassle. Its just to do with these older systems, probably not worth anyone's time to even look into this, plus I'm kind of okay with the routine now hahahahaa! NOPE: I just tried it, it instantly tries for updates EVEN THOUGH I JUST UPDATED minutes ago. THAT PART NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED, if update number is within hours well then DON":T CHECK JUST SCAN ! oh an email .. I mean a post, just a minute, will reply ... well no its getting late , will read tomorrow / next day but thanks for the reply, I'm just wiped out in this instant/moment.
  10. malewarebytes forum ... just looking for info regarding below. 3:53 PM Thursday,October/26/2017 Its already updated, software will always check anyway. Is there a way to TURN THIS OFF OPTION !?!?!?!? If I ever need to use it, scan a system its like:::: updating database GRRRRRRRR... oh okay its working now NOPE ! pre-scan operations GRRRRRRRRRR then sometimes JUST HANGS! well works eventually, Forget that, these on the end of building are older machines, you can't fix that nagging/grrrrr And moving on ... anyhoooo !!!!! ANY WAY TO TURN THAT OFF ! ??!?!?!?!?!?! the manditory pre-scan operations, AT LEAST THE MANDITORY updating now ... when I tell it to scan now I NEED IT TO SCAN NOW to fix help me now. I'm talking about general everyday .... this system is perfectly fine. For example;:::::: If BSOD (blue screen of death) and I unhook from net and I'm trying to fix system ... I kind of would like it to scan system like NOW ! ... not OH HEY STOP FIRST WE MUST TRY TO GET A CONNECTION AND UPDATE, okay updating (did that this very morning 2 hours ago) ... no matter -- it whimsically it tries it again. NEEDS RIPPED OUT so I user can right click anywhere in the GUI or any icon and say update, that's never a problem, what is!!!!,,, is the software NEVER EVER ! stops to trying to update or OR !!!! IT ONLY ! and I MEAN ONLY CHECKS FOR UPDATES at a critical time when I'm trying to fix a system. Generally if something bad happens on a system I'm like no problem WHEW! there's malewarebytes, then when I go to use it, (I"M LIKE ARE YOU BLEEEPING KIDDING ME ) its infatuated with getting a hold of homebound malewareservers FIRST AND FORMOST , WRONG ! UPDATE: okay I'll stop by another time, thought this forum was like unexplainedmysteries / rather-- www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum site, oh well.
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