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  1. oh, its already there re: non-PE file type Hats off to Aahh Starwind STAR KID !
  2. HKLM....IMAGE FILE EXECUTION OPTIONS, MbytesKILLED IT,i-madeRESTOREpt-incase I've no idea, it just came up on a scan and I said yes kill it or whatever get out of my face, then I thought OH! restore point. So I quickly made one that of course WILL BE BLOCKED OFF COMPLETELY -- gone, nonexistent, missing or completely FAIL EVERY TIME or three times in a row if I ever have to use it, those are so SO!!! worthless I swear. ANYWAYZZZZZZZ!!!!! I was hoping that somebody might possibly have the time and say something like:::: """"HEY ! YOU IDIOT!!!! Now tomorrow morning or the next restart its a solid BSOD for you ! "" or something encouraging like WAY TO GO KIDDO ! KUDOS! TO YOU BECAUSE OUR PROGRAM IS NEVER WRONG or whatever, that's my post and my story.
  3. Hey hey! back in again, just to say HEY HEY ! Looks like I fixed, well -- hahaa! you all fixed my problem WHEW! Just looking over the dialogue/DISSERTATION/TREATISE hahaha! HOLY CRAPPOLA You guys are helpful and thanks for putting up with my banter--RATHER yet again my pitiful attempts at humour. bye-bye-now ta-tAH! and all that now I'm off to the mart for some wine and ICECREAM! and no I won't be back kids love that one hahahahahaa!
  4. malewarebytes forum ... just looking for info regarding below. 3:53 PM Thursday,October/26/2017 Its already updated, software will always check anyway. Is there a way to TURN THIS OFF OPTION !?!?!?!? If I ever need to use it, scan a system its like:::: updating database GRRRRRRRR... oh okay its working now NOPE ! pre-scan operations GRRRRRRRRRR then sometimes JUST HANGS! well works eventually, Forget that, these on the end of building are older machines, you can't fix that nagging/grrrrr And moving on ... anyhoooo !!!!! ANY WAY TO TURN THAT OFF ! ??!?!?!?!?!?! the manditory pre-scan operations, AT LEAST THE MANDITORY updating now ... when I tell it to scan now I NEED IT TO SCAN NOW to fix help me now. I'm talking about general everyday .... this system is perfectly fine. For example;:::::: If BSOD (blue screen of death) and I unhook from net and I'm trying to fix system ... I kind of would like it to scan system like NOW ! ... not OH HEY STOP FIRST WE MUST TRY TO GET A CONNECTION AND UPDATE, okay updating (did that this very morning 2 hours ago) ... no matter -- it whimsically it tries it again. NEEDS RIPPED OUT so I user can right click anywhere in the GUI or any icon and say update, that's never a problem, what is!!!!,,, is the software NEVER EVER ! stops to trying to update or OR !!!! IT ONLY ! and I MEAN ONLY CHECKS FOR UPDATES at a critical time when I'm trying to fix a system. Generally if something bad happens on a system I'm like no problem WHEW! there's malewarebytes, then when I go to use it, (I"M LIKE ARE YOU BLEEEPING KIDDING ME ) its infatuated with getting a hold of homebound malewareservers FIRST AND FORMOST , WRONG ! UPDATE: okay I'll stop by another time, thought this forum was like unexplainedmysteries / rather-- www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum site, oh well.
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