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  1. Hey all, First, I'd like to say congratulations on the new release! With that said, I need to report a bug with the tray icon... each time the application interface is opened from the desktop icon, MBAM creates a new icon in the system tray; as of right now I have four MBAM icons in my tray. Windows 7 Professional, x86. Will test on Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1, x86 later today. Edit: It appears that MBAM actually opens another process and instance of mbam.exe each time the desktop icon is clicked, not just a tray icon.
  2. Hello David, I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding. I ended up actually loosing all internet access, not just intermittently. I did not get the chance to move my computer back down to the router, however, I was able to use a laptop to test if the powerline adapters were the issue, by disabling the wireless temporarily, then plugging the Ethernet cable from the powerline adapter into the laptop. No network access, just like with the HP Pavillion. I unplugged the network cable that was running from the router to the first powerline adapter, then unplugged the cable going from the s
  3. I was able to run a ping test while having another dropout, and got the "host not found" message. I didn't snag a screenshot, but that is the message the command prompt gave me. According to router, all are dynamic addresses.
  4. I've just sent you a PM with the details, David. Windows never gave a warning about two devices using the same IP, but it seems to be fixed now that I manually chose a different IP.
  5. Makes sense to me. Thank you to all three of you for your help, it is much appreciated . Hopefully it won't happen again!
  6. Hi David, thanks for helping. What I did to verify that I didn't have internet access was attempt to go online VIA IE, Firefox, and tried to update my AV and MBAM. I think I ended up pinpointing the problem, maybe you can tell me if this may be a possible explanation? I remembered that we connected two new devices to the network just about the same time I started getting dropouts on my internet access. I checked my router logs and looked at the two new devices and found that one of them was sometimes trying to connect to the router using the same IP as my system. I've since changed my IP (
  7. Thanks RonnieM. I'm not really thinking it's a problem with my powerlines, just maybe a problem with one of the powerline adapters themselves (the adapters that plug into the wall, one has a network cable to the router, the other, to my computer), a software issue, or a network card problem. I can fix a complete power failure on a computer and total RAM and hard drive corruption... but I can't figure out something as trivial as an internet problem . Will try switching to the built in Ethernet plug, but it is slower than my Netgear PCI express one. Will update when I have more to tell . Tha
  8. Update: I lost internet access, but not network access as I could still open public folders on other computers, again this morning after uninstalling Webroot from computer one. It appears not to be a router problem, the only thing I can figure now is either network card, software issue, or maybe the powerline adapters. But if it were the powerline adapters, wouldn't I loose full network access including to other computers?
  9. I have reverted my system back to before Webroot was installed and am now running only Norton and MBAM Pro, per your advice, Ron. If it happens again, I will check the router and post back. Thanks again. Weyoun
  10. Thanks RonnieM and Ron both for your replies. My router is updated to the latest firmware, and as far as I know, my computer is the only on the network experiencing the issue. Yes, computer one is correct for the signature. Per your advice, I will revert my system to an image before Webroot was installed (I make full, seperate back up images prior to installing any new software). I knew that it is not a good idea to run two full AV's together, i.e., BitDefender and Kaspersky (or any other AV). The reason I thought Webroot would be okay to run with Norton is because Webroot technical suppor
  11. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue, network adapter issue, router issue or software issue. I don't loose network access, just internet access. For information, I am using a powerline network adapter with a Netgear PCI Express network card. Windows 8.1 Pro x64, security setup is in my signature (Desktop one). I'm not really concerned that it's an infection problem, that's why I didn't post this in the malware removal help section. I was going to run dds anyway just to post and see if you guys see anything funny or any software conflicts, but both .scr and .com told me "DDS
  12. Now, for a bit of a diversion from the beta forums . Does anyone know of any good software that can be used to share the audio, not just music/video audio, but all audio on multiple computers at once? I know Acoustic Bridge can send the audio from one computer to another, but it doesn't allow both computers to play the audio at the same time; it mutes the audio on the sending computer. Also, the audio breaks up quite alot. Is there any good software, i.e., audio doesn't break up or stop transmitting/receiving, and that doesn't lower the sound quality by too much; that allows me to play the
  13. Thanks for the offer, but I had already wiped long before posting about it. I wiped it almost as soon as I got the notification about it .
  14. Hi Ron, Thank you for the information. Although at first I thought it may have been an F/P, now I am a little on the concerned side. However, as soon as I got all the information about the file (that I posted above), I began a full wipe of both my computer's hard drive, and my external hard drive, doing at least 3 passes on the computer's hard drive and 1 pass on the external hard drive, not as in a format from the Windows disk, but booting into Acronis TrueImage from the CD, and overwriting all data with 3 passes on the computer's drive and one pass on the external hard drive; just to be on
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