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  1. Hi, Thank you Raid I decided to do a full scan once a month and a quick one once a week. I abandoned the option of excluding folders from the MBAM scan because I got confused with Nod32 scans wanting to delete my install programs. I managed that since. I wanted to add to yesterdays post this new information : You can check out firewalls here: Matousec Proactive Security Challenge Hope this is usefull
  2. Visit here to see how good Kaspersky does : independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software It's a AV-Comparative !
  3. Greetings to you exile360 Thank you for your time, knowledge and effort. On your advice I will reduce to quick scanning weekly and a full scan every month. My concern actually was about my AntiVirus : Nod32 and I found out how to exclude folders with the program. Please forgive my confusing both results. Actually MBAM does not make the same errors and finds different Mal/SpyWare. Hope I didn't make you loose to much time I guess I do too many things at the same time and end up in not being as efficient as I would like. I love the program and ended all my older antispam products (SpyBot & Ad-Aware Lavasoft) But I've kept SpyWareBlaster and SpyWareGuard running underline. Hope I am well secure now
  4. Hi Rubber DuckY Maybe I should have posted a new topic ? I guess you didn't see my questions I thought my questions were related to this topic ... I'll wait and see
  5. Hail to all :wave: Thank you for this wonderful advance in security I usually do a complete Scan once a week. This seems not necessary after reading exile360 comment. Is this true ? When I run the Scan I have install programs on my computer ".exe" or ".msi" I would like to exclude them from the scan but there are no options in the exclude tab ??? How may I exclude folders from scan ? Thank you very much for your time and knowledge
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