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  1. Thanks, I found that information in Malwarebytes EULA That's a shame! But quite reasonable. It does make you think though, I wonder howmany tech shops do in fact use Malwarebytes free on customer's computers and then remove it once complete? BTW, I notice that the latest Hiren's BootCD does come with Malwarebytes, and is labelling it as 'freeware'! I tried looking up their eula, and cannot easily find it (if exists?). I would conclude that if users are using (freeware) Malwarebytes they they are not restricted by, "can't be used for this purpose". As it would not be counted as reasonable for every single user to go to the manufacturers site to locate any policies that may be attached to already known freeware! (I also note that I could cause concern for the respected Hiren's BootCD bringing up this point, but I would also remind you that other BootCDs are likely already existing in many other places anyway. Oh, sorry, I tend to get involved and go on and on, I'm just going to say > gray, dependant upon application. But I'll adhere to Malwarebytes EULA anyway, of course Thankyou 'student'. I also helped at many other forums too. Although I never received online 'certification'. I will say I'm very experienced, and have even chatted to sUBS in the past regarding malware removal concerns. I note that two malware removal guides I helped create are still running on respected support forums. Agreed I am not of an online 'malware removal specialist' level any longer, I certainly know what I'm doing though.Thanks to you, and all others, for your help here. I feel my concerns have been addressed and grateful for the reponses provided
  2. Thanks for that GT500, well answered. It is true that the 'computer retail shop', has its irritations for me (to say the least!). I am presently looked upon as slow and a little too involved. I can tell you, it doesn't work. So I stay there out of (present) need only basis. By the way it seems that a noisy internal hard drive or even faulty ram, means the client MUST buy a complete new system! Go figure, times have changed. People like me are 1. NOT respected 2. not needed anymore, in business. I come from the days when we even tested network cables (including modem lines) with protocol analyzers and multimeters and even checking voltages/currents with oscilloscopes. As for software issues its > Re-install > Forget looking for recovery partitions (if it takes too long to read the manual, or google the answer) > Just 'format' (only) > Throw in Windows 7 (seemingly most common OS these days) > Hope for the best > Return to customer. Wow I fixed a rootkit issue AND repaired (actually semi-clean!) Windows, whilst being a dummy. Except the name computer 'tech' is slowly getting a bad name because of it. Bring back the 90's. By 2020 I'm quite sure 'techs' will be obsolete entirely. That's an android's job.
  3. Oh I get it, like a semicolon is used normally in every other place (ie mail; servers; etc). OK then, I guess that's reasonable. I have seen the 'pole' idea before though, I think it was the original way we seperated drive letters a long time ago. As for that double 'S' issue (top left of forum page). It seems to be the Facebook icon when signed out of the forum, but when signed into Malwarebytes forum it gets jumbled up to kimsland$s's (even though I'm not even signed into Facebook?). Anyway, I'm sure you're aware of it. OK thanks
  4. Hi. I recently started a new job in a computer tech shop, with two other computer technicians already working there. Progressing along with solving computer (hardware/software etc) issues, I found myself downloading and running Malwarebytes quick updated scans (obviously on malware infected computers) All seemed ok and I thought I was doing what was needed. To my absolute shock! My 'technical' Manager (including being backed up by the other 'technicians') stated: "Why are you using Malwarebytes? It's not seen as a very reliable anti-malware removal program?" ? My response was (word for word): "Um, yes Malwarebytes is reliable, AND its likely the BEST anti-malware program in the world, or VERY very close to it!" My 'computer technical' Manager, then proceeded to tell me: "If I must run it (ie the 3minute scan, or thereabouts!) then do I have to update it first, because its taking too much time!" My response: "Only if you want it fixed!!! Otherwise it may be best to backup/format/re-install, if that's your way of doing things " As it was we ended up re-installing Windows clean (ie taking TOO long for me to fix the issue ~ 30mins). But that was not my point! My concern was Ignorance of 'techs' And don't even get me started on combofix and 'others', because they are miles and miles away from their malware removal abilities - Very scary. Note: I appreciate that computer tech shops generally re-install clean as the first option, I just don't like it!
  5. 2 small glitches When I do a full scan, (which I mainly do only for other drives) what is that 'I' symbol in C:\I ? ie Whilst scanning, it states: "Scan type: Full scan (C:\I)" Shouldn't it just state: "Scan type: Full scan (C:\)" (or even C:\>) ? Could you fix this please. Plus, whilst signed into the forum (ie right now) why does the top left 'Your Profile' state kimsland$s's ? I seem to have two 'S' and also a Dollar sign? Forum glitch? Could you fix this please.
  6. Hmm, I've quoted Malwarebytes well over 5000 times on many forums over many years. Did you notice the increase is revenue? Lol With all this talk on Tacos I'm getting hungry, I suppose I could just buy some, but its just not the same thing! I knew I should have stayed here longer! Live and learn. Anyway, back to free supporting the 'web' I go
  7. Thanks exile. I see, because MBAMService.exe service and driver is running in kernel mode, a restart is (generally always) necessary. I wasn't aware that this specific file runs in kernel mode, since that's the case. Then all answered well. Actually I couldn't find information on the web stating this file itself specifically runs in kernel mode, is there a link to a topic that shows me all these special drivers of Malwarebytes that run in kernel mode? And which ones of malwarebytes exactly do? I understand that most antivirus programs cannot be stopped normally, if you want to base this on 'kernel mode' issues then so be it. I'm pretty sure they corrupt all on their own, and therefore I normally would not recommend stopping these services ever! (ie uninstall only) By the way, I've never seen 'system freezes/lockups' with manually stopping MBAMService but then again you are mostly dealing with corrupted/infected users computers. My system certainly does not cause any ill effect from doing so.
  8. How to stop MBAMService? Yes we all love Malwarebytes, but sometimes we don't need it consistantly running in the background. Examples of this may be when installing a known safe program (ie Adobe products etc)) or even a local (safe) game. Many state that you can just uninstall Malwarebytes, or even stop it using some startup manager. But this requires a Windows restart, and then to manually re-enable the service again after that! I notice that MBAMService.exe does not allow the stop service command: sc stop "MBAMService" The requested control is not valid for this service. Nor does 'Stop' option exist in Services alongside MBAMService? Similarly most Antivirus programs also do not allow 'Stop' as an option. This is (from what I've found) that by forcibly stopping your Antivirus software, it is possible to corrupt the program itself, especially noted to larger (horrible in my view) antivirus programs such as Norton or McAfee. But Malwarebytes does not fall into this category of being large. Plus ending the process in Task Manager (without restart) is: 1. Possible 2. Causes no corruption (from what I've found) to the program 3. Can be easily restarted from Services or start command or even from just running the executable itself! Can you allow a 'Stop' command in Services? I can't see why not? It will save about 7Meg of running memory (for the presently running Windows session), and otherwise avoids the user restarting their Windows completely! Just to temporarily stop this service from continuously running when a scan or malware protection is just not required. Why isn't the Stop command allowed anyway? Note: I don't wish to disable it, thus re-enabling it later. Nor fully uninstall Malwarebytes. As this requires 1. A restart. 2. Lots more (not required) effort! I find it ironic that I can stop ALL other services, except a few core Windows services and Antivirus. Is Malwarebytes service classed as critical? If so, then what areas in Windows or the program itself is it affecting that may be damaged on a forced stop? By the way, quite obviously I wouldn't be stopping it whilst in the middle of a malware detection scan. Although 'stop' exists in the program for scanning anyway. I request that you allow the ability to Stop this service. Don't worry, it will load up just fine on next restart!
  9. I vote to add it again Plus it may be default policy for Windows 7, but not for earlier versions Active Desktop 'Web' enabled, is like the No.1 disable this function when computers are generally serviced. Obviously Malwarebytes has taken on Windows 7 as the default player here. Because if changed (by Malware) in XP, I'd like it removed, not kept! Oh well. Another reason to force upgrade again. XP SP3 supported to April 8, 2014 by the way. Since Malwarebytes have removed this entry as not Malware related (although commonly was before Windows 7 made it default!) for reference here's the way to remove it again: (Again I note this is for reference as per this entire thread) Hijack.DisplayProperties.zip I'd suggest running 'Default', this at least will bring everything back to Normal (regardless of OS) But since I spoke about some users having issues with this (above) Then those users specifically could use the 'Remove' reg key.
  10. I have been reading this entire thread plus other threads here on NoActiveDesktopChanges (Hijack.DisplayProperties) more information at MS here Here's what I have got out of all of this, please correct me if I'm wrong General consensus is to select ignore on this found entry. If you have already "fixed" it and now want it back again (although unnecessary see Note1) run this registry attachment to restore the entry, allowing any UAC warning prompt. Then ignore any future updated Malwarebytes quick scan entries on this. Many times in this thread, many members (both support and the User) have asked (or referred to) for Malwarebytes to have some type of program update that either automatically ignores this entry (on Vista and Windows 7) or gives greater definition to the User to decide upon this action for themselves. I wanted to state 2 very important concerns with both of these findings that have not been fully addressed. Malwarebytes does not remove any file or change any setting, during or at the end of the updated quick scan. This option is given to the User (by Malwarebytes) to then decide upon fixing all found entries. The User should then take it upon themselves to either Decide if all found entries are required to be fixed or ignored (ie some may be User settings that have been purposely placed in the registry (see Note2) Create a new thread, and post the logs for support to help inform the User on what action to take (preferred) Search Google or even here at Malwarebytes Forum to learn what these entries are specifically (see Note3) Note1 I have found that on some systems this "Default" MS entry can cause issues on User's computers. This may include: Slow system performance High CPU usage Video or Audio driver issues Therefore on these specific systems it is best to have Malwarebytes remove this entry. I note that a number of members in this very thread have reported (some of) these issues, and after having Malwarebytes fix the issue it was resolved. I note this is not conclusive as I myself do not know why this issue exists on some systems. But at least we know that fixing the entry does not do any harm. Therefore have Malwarebytes fix it. Note2 There are literally hundreds of user entries that Malwarebytes might flag to be fixed. As an example would be the 'Disable Security Center enabled warning' that some users have adjusted (either by support or themselves) I note that users make these adjustments because things like MS warning boxes appear when their Windows starts up, and the alternative fix may be just to disable these default MS services entries. Where the user would need to take it upon themselves to confirm their system is updated and secure. Therefore Malwarebytes could not be expected to know all user personal settings, and the scan will display the entry to be fixed although not being required. Note3 Malwarebytes should not have these entries removed from subsequent future program updates, ie they are useful. Malwarebytes could not possibly reference every single entry found in the world and give full definition on what to do. This should be done by either an online support forum (ie here) Or by the user themselves searching Google and this forum on what best action to take Malwarebytes does not act as your Malware removal teacher. This would take years, and not just a reference of definition of every found issue. Generally we should trust that the years of development of Malwarebytes by very knowledgeable experienced support/staff members is correct And automatically decide to FIX all found issues ie That's what I always say: "Remove all found issues" I do not say: Except for this one and this one and this one... etc etc etc. If you have made your own personal changes, then you decide to keep them or not. I hope this helps someone
  11. I better not go on and on. But I did mention Free Avira as my preferred Antivirus, I'm also not a big fan of AVG, sorry. Anyway, everyone has their own choice, including many devoted to paying for Norton
  12. According to most online forums. You can't do this yourself and post thread to say this! That's my point. Forums have changed the way that we are allowed to support online. If you want to support online you can't. You must first be approved. So be it, that's the individual forums rules. But on your own (off the forum) You may still be an expert, on removing Malware from your computer, you quite possible are --------- Here's the issue (example) in plain basic clear English: Hi Support I have an issue with my computer with Virus like problems. Note: I have fully scanned; checked logs; all logs mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides I've used all tools supplied and referenced on all topics mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides I've completed all Security updates and done everything as per all topics mentioned by the same tools mentioned on other Malware removal topics/Guides. I am highly experienced on Malware removal, I am 100% sure there is no Malware what-so-ever! But this, fault that specifically has caused my Windows (and now even my network computers) to go offline, is baffling me. Where do I begin? Support Reply Answer Please run through the Malware removal guide, and post the logs. --------- ? Oh. I see forums are not set up for User faults such as mine! There is no area on a Forum that says I want support on non Malware issues, that act like Malware issues, unless you go through the normal wasted time of going through the Malware removal procedure. What happens in reality. These members either don't post (ie in the know) Or they decide not to reply again (ie Not the support they require) What can they do? Nothing. Because experienced users, such as myself. Cannot advise for them to try Windows OS fixes etc. They are locked out! Because this must be handled by Malware specialists first. This area is the online forum's fault. By making it perfect (well as good as they can) they have stopped Users from asking for support. Basically not believing them until the forum specialists have confirmed all is ok. Big mistake, that will change one day.
  13. Me too Plus also supplying complete support and reading and fully advising on Malware removal (Before; During; and what to do After its cleaned) Yet; this is not enough! Yes we are told to search and follow online removal guides and generally all will help remove all infections. But, still it is stated that your own thread is preferred where a Malware specialist will confirm all is ok. Until then you are still looked as likely infected in any thread you make "I already cleaned my computer, but..." So where's the guide online that states do this..? and then you won't need to get further "specialized" opinion or help? Why aren't they complete? The answer seems to be that, everyone's system is totally individual to another one, and until the specific User logs are checked (by a Malware removal specialist) then (and only then) are you looked as clean! Even if you do it yourself! ---- The answer is not that I or You can clean your own computer. But if you are qualified to clean (or support on) others computers. I generally feel that I'm way experienced to clean other users. Fully! But its my place to say this. Its the forum rules and guidelines, that mention Minimum required qualifications, and then to be even approved by the forum to allow this support on others. And I do see the issues involved, if not "approved". A member could inappropriately advise to do something that could otherwise cause more fault or issue to the user. Let alone what tools (free or otherwise) mentioned to use. On the forum. But, I'll let you in on a secret (that happens off forums) most techs haven't been to online Malware university! And I suppose what happens off the forum, is of no consequence here anyway, except of course until you make a relevant new thread. So, yes search and read other threads and guides. But when it comes to supporting others, you must adhere to the forum rules here, or do it yourself offline! I've serviced (removed malware) fully on about .. who knows! 10K computers! (no idea howamany) But I am not allowed to advise anything (officially) here.
  14. My feeling No one needs to purchase an Internet Security package. Has anyone seen what comes with the popular Norton IS, incredible! No wonder that at anytime Norton may corrupt (that and also being the most popular Trial software on all new OEM computers). Its still the number 1 attacked security manufacturer (other than MS with its tools) Norton still corrupts. I suppose everyone has forgotten the mere fact of removing Norton on a malware infested computer, when Norton has decided to corrupt so much that the normal removal tools don't even remove it! (Certainly uninstalling it normally is a joke whatever your take) Windows Firewall has improved, its not like it use to be. There has been thousands of MS Security updates (even better Service Packs that all should update to the latest always) We now don't need 3rd party firewalls, it is overkill. Unless you are not using your computer normally for browsing downloading on the Net. I have Windows Firewall on as my only Firewall. But here I am, going all over the Net. Not one issue. (Note: I don't use P2P or download p0rn or chase up illegal software though!) Anti-Malware should be left to the dedicated providers, not Norton or any other Internet Security package. Malwarebytes (the best in my opinion) Free or live protecting paid version is 100x (possibly more) than Antivirus packages. There are other specialized (free) malware removal tools, all far out perform Antivirus packages with Malware support included. Antivirus only. This is what should be your Antivirus software. Not + Firewall; + Anti-malware; + Anti Phishing; + the 20 other things that Internet Security packages must continually download and update your Antivirus software everyday. So, therefore. You just need an Antivirus (only) installed software. You can use other dedicated Malware removal softwares too (I run a quick updated scan with free Malwarebytes most days! It only takes 10mins tops!) Best Antivirus Obviously all User opinion, but as stated "My Feeling" in all this. I say just install a free one, that's what I use. Why pay? In my view FREE Avira is the best (if on 64Bit maybe go Avast!) Free Avira scans and automatically removes ALL known Virus out there. Howmany? >> ALL of them << Conclusion Why in the hec would you pay? Especially for Norton, of which I hate EDIT >> Norton Removal Tool This should be in every Support tech bundle of tools (even just the link to the newest version) I don't know of any techs that don't have it!
  15. Update Malwarebytes Run a quick scan Report the error code
  16. Please contact Malwarebytes: support@malwarebytes.org Depending upon how long ago that you purchased the 5 licenses they may still help Anyway, it's worth a try You are presently on the support forums Where anyone can supply (ideally good) support
  17. Actually I have since also learned that the help information online may be more updated than the Malwarebytes help file So there's another reason to go online As for why it doesn't just give a short description of the issue, well that's like all error codes, even MS use error codes without much extra help until you start downloading their diagnostic tools I do agree with you though, it would be much easier. I suppose some error codes could have many possibilities or a longer definition, and therefore they can't all have a quick short error descriptions. (I could just hear it now, "but I am online" )
  18. Oh, that's a bit old now. Symantec have released 2 new full program updates since then I'd recommend an online scan with Eset: http://www.eset.com/onlinescan/ If it finds and removes any Viruses, maybe think of updating, or better yet using a better Antivirus, ie Free Avira Antivirus (In my view much better than Norton) Oh and I personally don't like Spybot S&D either But I suppose its all about choice
  19. Oh, I've since learned it will be in an automatic update, so make sure you update Malwarebytes before using it (well all the time)
  20. You can remove all "cookies" with these free tools, that I run regularly: CCleaner: http://www.ccleaner.com/ TFC by OldTimer: http://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/TFC.exe It will be interesting to hear back how much rubbish it does remove
  21. That's an Antivirus utility, which does not detect Malware as much as Virus Malwarebytes is for Malware (a whole range of malwares) http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php Plus bootable discs do not check individual registry entries, among other resident malwares I don't need Name Removed, because I use Free Avira Antivirus
  22. That's normal, especially on your low specs A newer less resourced Malwarebytes update will be released next week (It may just be the database update only, not sure exactly)
  23. You could just purchase Malwarebytes with real-time protection Paid Malwarebytes will check for known infected files when they are accessed or moved or copied etc Although the malware can still come, that's where it stops
  24. Hi, I thought it may be a simple remove, but obviously not. Please read the following: We don't work on Malware removal in the general forums. Please read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here. One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.
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