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  1. Did a mbstcmd /y /cleanup and reinstalled 4.0 beta, which solved the problem.
  2. Hi, I tried to start MBAMservice for the latest 4.0 beta. It failed to start complaining about missing/invalid digital signatures. Wonder of all wonders, MBAM 4.0 beta used to work OK on my PC. I have Windows 10 18362.10015 x64.
  3. Hi, it's me again. I have problem with another license. I have deactivated it from all devices from https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/subscriptions It still shows as being used in multiple places. Can I have a list of computernames and IPs that have connected to it? This could be part of a fraud investigation.
  4. osim.ro is the website of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (Romania), i.e. the patent office. I find it bizarre that it is considered a dangerous website. This is not the first time it is blocked, it has been blocked for a long time.
  5. Nope, what solved it is was ping adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com. Suggestion: if Adwcleaner cannot ping, it should hammer like 10 times, then proceed further.
  6. Well, yes, I think I know what it is: a DNS problem. After I put dig adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com and dig adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com AAAA in cygwin, the DNS request got cached and Adwcleaner could update properly (no IPVanish or disabling hosts required). AdwCleaner[S7].txt
  7. That's odd: regardless of being connected to IPVanish and/or regardless of disabling the hosts file: - Firefox gives a blank page; - Chrome gives a 404 error. I also have PeerBlock (just ads and spyware lists).
  8. I do see what you mean, though: I have connected to IPVanish *and* disabled my hosts file. This made Adwcleaner able to update its database, log attached. AdwCleaner[S3].txt
  9. No, I don't use a proxy. I have ab-solution and ya-malware-block running on my router, I also have OpenDNS with custom filtering (most anonymizers blocked), HostsMan with an about 1 MB hosts file, I have MBAM Premium and F-Secure Safe Online as antivirus. Also, the default protocol on my Windows is IPv4, instead of IPv6 (I do have IPv6 connectivity, though).
  10. It also deletes immunizations by SpywareBlaster. Please white-list.
  11. Please white-list the immunizations from SpyBot Search & Destroy. AdwCleaner[S0].txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt
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