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  1. I make everyday database-updates....
  2. when i make "ignore"(after False Positiv-heuristic Scan)) i can not close Malwarebytes, Scan is running- it is a bug ? Scun is running ? NO!
  3. Hi, heuristc scan found "Suspect Autorun" ! i can not fund this file and path ! And when i make "ignore" i can not close Malwarebytes, Scan is running- it is a bug ?
  4. After 36 minutes same problem with GUI... i`m down!
  5. I have Graphic Card! 64 MB , not on-board-Chip!
  6. I`m great! I have the answer of my Problem found! I have reinstall Malwarebytes, i have closed the Avira Antivir 9 - Guard, i`m starting the Malwarebytes fullscan, i`m waiting....
  7. And Vistamizer is a top Pack, better as Bricko! Made in Germany....
  8. Laptop-CPU.... On my PC i have 3 GHZ Intel CPU
  9. Error! i use Vistamizer on my Pc and laptop, the GUI-Bug is only on my Laptop and only in fullscan. On my PC not! And now?
  10. if I use the mouse over the invisible button, they will go again!
  11. The processor is by 20%, only malwarebytes fullscan is running. My processor: AMD 64, 1,8 GHZ!
  12. Thank you! I have this Problem only of my Notebook, of my PC not! Back to False Postiv Files: this 2 Files i have installed in 2007, my Kaspersky Security Suite scan my System every Week !
  13. Can you help me please here: Click
  14. Sorry, you have right: 2 Days!
  15. Error! 1 Day , i have yesterday 15:00 scan with Quicksan: Trojaner! In Fullscan: no Trojaner!
  16. Done! Also: C:\ Windows\ eSellerateEngine.dll !! Also False Postiv !!
  17. i have yesterday the same thing! Only in Quickscan, in fullscan this File clean!
  18. Hello, only in fullscan i have a bug:
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