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  1. Yes, same problem ! Update Progress new Version was correctly- Update progress Data-Base not ! But only with Windows 7 not XP ! "The Show Work must go on "....
  2. Malwarebytes Pro & AVIRA is not good (2x Real time guard ). Please use Malwarebytes Free & AVIRA.
  3. Thank you! Updater progress works under XP correctly,under Win 7 not. But another problem: since yesterday update works slowly! Server problem ?
  4. @thomcats, your problem is not our problem, our problem is update progress ! Why do you write in this Topic ?
  5. Thank you, i making on weekend. @name cool: i have no problem with system time and Antivirussoftware! Older version from MBAM : no problem with updater!
  6. Hi, after Update to the new Version i have a Problem with Updater: Update functioned! My system: Netbook Asus EeePc / Windows 7-Starter/ Surfstick With older version from MBAM i have not this problem. I have reinstall MBAM ( with clean-tool ), Problem not solved!
  7. Suggestion: the german text(in context menu) is very long. "Mit MBAM untersuchen" or " Mit Malwarebytes Anti-Malware untersuchen" is better-or not?
  8. Thank you, problem solved with MBAM-Clean.exe ! You are expert!
  9. 1.) Yes 2.) No, not automatically change in context menu,only in program was changed! German, swedish, only english in context menu! 3.) Thank you for Clean Utility
  10. Malwarebytes 1.46: -context menu on PC (XP SP3) in english - context menu on laptop( XP SP3) in german Why that?
  11. Hi, i have a problem, can you help me please? Here my Thread: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=60636 Thank you!
  12. No, Free Commander is not that Problem, Context menu is in German! And now?
  13. Thank you, another idea: i will install Free Commander on my Laptop, okay ?
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