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  1. I guess that's where the confusion is. No accounts were deleted. There aren't even corrupted useraccounts. You just didn't explain it properly in the other thread Also, see here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/s...tips/knox1.mspx and here: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1165/ OH MY GOD. I feel like I'm getting computers 101 here. That quote explains EVERYTHING that's been going 'wrong' (so I thought) with the user accounts. I'll create both my wife and I our own accounts and let the original Administrator account 'disappear' like it should. My only trouble with t
  2. Let me first agree that my problem has nothing to do with MBAM. But otherwise, whatever this issue is, I am experiencing the same symptoms -- I get a weird notification that Symantec is disabled (which it isn't), MBAM tells me my Security Center is disabled when I run a can (same result as poster, above), at one point my Symantec icon was corrupted and I couldn't do a Live Update or run a Scan and from time to time I get a warning that my Windows Firewall is shut off. Something is wrong. I feel like I'm jacking this thread now though....sorry. *ps. I'm still having trouble with the main Adm
  3. I believe my computer is doing the exact same thing (except I run Symantec instead of McAfee). Please help me fix it!
  4. The first link you provided may also come in very handy and be a necessary fix. Thanks yet again for all of your help. I should be good to go now!
  5. Is there a 'proper' way to switch and log in and out of each account that perhaps I'm not doing and causing this trouble? *still have to read the MS links you provided.
  6. But it's the main Administrator account that's getting 'deleted', so I don't know what to do other than to do a System Restore. Just did a search on your site for "McAfee" and it seems to be a bit of a nightmare with that Combofix thing, so I'll heed your advice and stick with Symantec. Thanks.
  7. Hey, thanks. Like I said, after reading through your forums I seemed to come to the conclusion that this wasn't an mbam issue, so I appreciate you taking the time to assist me anyway; much appreciated. So you think the user profile would be there after another restart? Interesting. I also have access to McAfee Corporate Edition AV software. Would you recommend I use this over Symantec? Thanks again.
  8. Oh, forgot to mention that both times to regain the Administrator's account I've gone back to a System Restore point when things were running okay. Not sure if that matters, but figured I should mention it. Perhaps it wasn't even the right way to go about getting it back, but I really needed it (obviously) and it was the only way I knew to get it.
  9. I have this notification too and I don't want it! I am running a Symantec Corporate Edition, fully updated, and want it running to its full extent. I would have otherwise assumed this was a false positive (because it won't go away!), but through reading some posts here, it sounds like I'll be told it's something I did (willingly) and should therefore have mbam ignore it. What I'd prefer is to FIX it! Please help. My largest concern is that I've recently begun working from home and set up a User Account for myself so I can have all of my own MS Outlook Professional 2003 contacts, calendar, e
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