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  1. I scanned with Adware Cleaner and it detected these entries in my registry(or running somewhere) my PC is slow to boot to startup, programs are sluggish and after google searching I found nothing but forums indicating this is a good indication of malware. I ran Malwarebytes prior to my Adware scan but it found nothing, however my PC is running slow. and programs(including Mbam and MS Security Essentials) is slow to open and slow to load. often times MS Security Essentials doesn't turn on autoprotect at all. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. go ahead and close this, this was explained to me by Falcon Northwest tech agent as a glitch in the program for my mouse drivers.
  3. I was downloading a very large game(roughly 24 GB) from Gog.com(a legitimate site) and the LAC was the correct name, running fine, the following morning, I found it had been renamed 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333334444 overnight, while I was asleep, as it downloaded this huge game.(either "The Solus Project", or "Dying Light") I cannot recall which), but that doesn't matter, it is my PC that does matter and who might have hacked it or intercepted it with malware while I slept-OI do use credit card transactions on this machine from time to time. Also, online banking and billing of my utilities/phone service and my account with the local community neighborhood watch site(seeclickfix.com) and am concerned of the security on this computer for these activities and also Gog/steam downloading in the future. I will upload a screen shot of my network sharing area, for reference in addition to farbar reports. this is a home PC, I am the only one who uses it, no one can access my PC but me(from the physical end) I am concerned it is from the online end, not the physical. I want to determine what it is and why it happened(rather than just renaming it to its original name, as Microsoft's community told me) once I find out what it is and if it is a harmless glitch I can remain it back, but much appreciate anyone's time aiding me in determining possible malware or opened security breach then I'll have peace of mind. what is most alarming, is that on Sunday morning when this occurred I had a disconnected LAC(Local Area Connection) when I "enabled" it, it duplicated itself into a clone with this 333(and so on) name and then the original "disabled" connection disappeared when the clone enabled itself. I now have only one(and I assume it is the clone, not the original connection) I am not so concerned with the renaming in itself(as one pointed out on the Microsoft community help website, that is common place) but what it named itself(333333s is a bit bazaar IMhO) and that it cloned itself, refused to connect and only would with the clone, and thus when I enabled the clone the original disappeared(aka was deleted) I use 2 other machines(not connected nor sharing with this one) on the "home" network of my Ethernet gateway(AT&T) they are not affected by this odd occurrence. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. ran delfix I checked windows search a few times and it didn't seem to crash, I did disable the indexing feature via each hard disk manually but the service is still enabled. Java doesn't seem to be on my computer or the browsers(unless windows hides it well) I will make a hard copy of all the information so I can read it away from the computer screen more closely thanks for the reassurance though I will probably remove SAS from my PC as MS-DOS files are not a proper way to run a program in Windows.
  5. JRT and Adaware cleaner came up pretty clean JRT had a few deletions. I uploaded those logs regardless even though they are clean. Sophos installed fine but did not execute upon hitting finish, I noticed that after finishing the install of Sohpos my hard disk ran for 5 minutes nearly constantly. when it stopped spinning(I heard clearly via the noise and the indicator light) I ran the Sophos scan manually with its installed executable. I did not include a log entry for it, it came up clean and did not indicate it had needed to make one so I assume that means it is okay too. FRST and Additon Farbar scan results below also. JRT.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I will likely remove SAS I would still feel safer with this PC if we do some other scans to be sure it is not loading malware/virues and then when it is safe, I will gladly remove SAS from my computer. much appreciated!
  7. the thing that concerned me the most was when Superantispyware was launched the first time after I installed it it was in the taskbar but would not open. it did not go to the website as it always did before and it did not indicate anything was enabled the first time nor could I do a manual scan. upon rebooting I could launch the utility but no indication of any protection. I didn't try a manual scan as I was worried it was not even SuperAntispyware software at all. right now, it is showing green(real-time is enabled) but this happened only the day after I rebooted a second time in the morning after doing this software's installation. after two reboots it worked but not until then. though I don't use the features, autoupdate and auto schedule were turned on when I installed but did not indicate they were on it was "red" but settings were on.
  8. I am trying to get rid of the above screenshot in the reply but am unable. sorry. for the result of that scan, The detection ratio on www.virustotal.com is 0/57 they list it is probably harmless. I would also send an analysis screenshot of that but it seems to bog up the replies with my screenshots.
  9. I have an odd MS-DOS "entry" in place of SuperAntispyware's usual .exe it is a series of numbers and letters all lettering is lowercase this series of number/lettering is followed by .com. I have noticed other file and folder names as this have appeared in my C:\ root directory. as well as D:\root which is an additional partition(extended from the same drive). SuperAntispyware appears in my lower right screen in the taskbar area but does not open nor can I access the commands to update nor scan right click context for this task icon does not register. this is likely a fakeware disguiesed as Superantispyware and the site is fake, it did not have the https, only www.superantispyware.com I only noticed this when I did a second google sreach and it was purpled out meaning I had been there. also this time there was another site labeled $ that was referred to as https//superantispyware.com but google headed the title "$" very odd. MBAM detected nothing. I have in addition to farbar results uploaded a screenshot of the offending .com file in the SAS directory for any aid's quick reference before beginning. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. my applolgies I have not checked back in a while. was busy and forgot about this case. this PC is no longer functional. I am going to replace some parts and do a clean install with its OS. please close this topic.
  11. when I install or update my nVidia drivers I get warnings that Vulkaninfo.exe and vulkaninfo-1-1-0-26-0.exe are trojans. they are quarantined by Super Anti spyware. Malware bytes detects nothing at all. but today, my network settings changed. I have my PC set to Public Network and never share files with anyone, however, today, I found that my file/folder sharing was set to "on" so anyone in public network could access my files. also, when I disconnect or reconnect the network via the adapter settings it "identifies" but never connects nor disconnects. My PC was never set to a home network, but I find now it is. I did not do that! some of my firewall settings seem to allow things I never set it to do.(Microsoft Windows Firewall). am wondering if the nvidia website I go to in obtaining drivers is a fake or not. same with nVidia Experience driver updater. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. I am looking in the TBS service as it had been missing from another PC today, but is still present in this one however comes up with "failed to read description" Error code: 2 I don't know what TBS is but it seems important as my connection must be rebooted if I ever try and disconnect now. Where as before it did not. I usually leave it connected however.
  13. one last question regarding Sophos Virus removal tool, did you intend I leave this on my PC? I notice the Delfix did not remove this tool.