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  1. The fix did not remove the infected key that is auto starting the 360 antiviruse. Please, run the same fix but from Safe Mode.
  2. If it was modified by a malicious program, removing the malicious program would have solved the issue. Since there is no sign of a malicious program in your system, no need to worry about it. Like I said, this key is modified by both legitimate and malicious program. The tool does not know which program modified the key. If it sees a modification, it lists it.
  3. Is the drive.bat file located in your USB drive? If so, you can delete it. USB vaccine disables autorun feature ergo the malware cannot spread automatically. If the data inside the USB drive is not important, I would counsel you to format it. Right-click on the USB drive and choose Format > Quick Format > OK .
  4. Please download USBVaccineSetup.exe from Panda Software to the desktop of your clean / working computer. Insert your USB flash drive into the clean / working computer Double-click on USBVaccineSetup.exe to install the program Select your language, read and accept the agreement to continue Choose if you would like the program to run at all times, and for all newly inserted USB drives Click Next then Finish to complete the installation, the program will launch Select your USB drive from the list, then click Vaccinate USB note: optionally you can click Vacci
  5. Please, re-read my previous post. I did not ask for a new FRST scan log. You are to make the fix script and use FRST to remove the items I have listed.
  6. Do you have both avast! and Bitdefender install in your PC? If yes, remove one of them as multiple antivirus is not a good way to go. Step # Fix with FRST Make sure that you still have FRST.exe on your Desktop. If you do not have it, download the suitable version from here to your Desktop. Open Notepad.exe. Do not use any other text editor software; Copy and Paste the contents inside the code-box to your Notepad -- Start CreateRestorePoint: CloseProcesses: EmptyTemp: File: C:\Program Files (x86)\360\360Safe\deepscan\ZhuDongFangYu.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\360 HKLM-x32\...\Run: [360Saf
  7. Sounds good. If everything is okay, I will mark this as resolved.
  8. I am inclined to believe that it is an FP. The key can be modified by both malicious and legitimate program. Since AdwCleaner cannot determine which program modified the key, it is showing it on its log.
  9. I meant follow the instructions from that thread and attach the logs here.
  10. Can you also attach the Addition.txt lag it produced?
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