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  1. Sorry, I didn't notice that option (which is activated by default I guess). MBAM wasn't showing up in the context menu when right-clicking on several executable files, then after reading your reply, I realized that they were archives in executable packages. Mea culpa Going back to the original poster's request, the ability of MBAM to scan files within an archive would be (IMHO) an invaluable tool, and one which MBAM should seriously consider implementing. Thank you.
  2. I agree with the OP. This feature is long overdue in Malwarebytes. I just bought a license assuming that the program would have a context menu entry (as most other scanners do), but was disappointed to find that it didn't. After doing some research, I found that this feature has been requested as far back as 2009, and you are still giving the same non-commital reply. I like your program's ease of use, and I find a context menu entry very handy, and one which I use a lot with scanners, but when my current license times out, I won't be renewing. Instead, I'll either continue with the freeware version, or find another antimalware program which has the features I want/need. Thank you.
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