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  1. Hi! I read the Malwarebytes Labs blog every now and then and took the feedback survey today. I don't have any social media accounts, so I can't login to the Malwarebytes Labs blog that way. What's a good way to contact someone about the Malwarebytes Labs blog survey? I have some feedback I would like to share on the survey, itself. Thanks! Peace...
  2. Hi! Where can I find the terms of use of MBAE Home Edition vs MBAE for Business? Thanks! Peace...
  3. I ran into this problem yesterday. This is a new Windows 8.1 system and once I installed KIS 2016, none of the installed browsers would open. When I removed KIS 2016, they all worked fine. Both MBAM and MBAE are installed and they run fine. I looked at the KIS 2016 trusted application list and both MBAM and MBAE are listed as trusted applications. So, I'm not sure why the KIS 2016 and MBAE issue still exists. Peace...