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  1. Its working, thank you so much, man. It turns out that it booted automatically from the CDROM, so I didn't need to use the hotkey as its set to default when it has an ISO on the CDROM. Thanks for the diagnostic, I would've never found it by myself.
  2. I have no clue what the BIOS is, but I'll give the F12 hotkey option a try.
  3. I've burned the ISO onto the CD, how do I boot off the CD on my computer?
  4. Hello, I have an IBM MT-M 8184 and I've recently stumbled across a warning telling me that I had to run a chkdsk due to a file, not having a clue what this file was or how to run a chkdsk, I went to the Microsoft website, it told me to run chkdsk using run, cmd, /chkdsk blah blah blah. After typing 'Y' when it says "Do you want to reschedule?", I was told to restart my computer, now I have the feeling that the files that were corrupted and deleted by that chkdsk run were essential to start my computer, as I no longer can, all I can remember is that the file was in c:/users/(insert username her
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