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  1. I have ask this before and got no real help from it. This problem goes for just about every system I clean I use Malwarebytes then show all my customers how to click and buy it as it does a great job Since version 2 came out it is Extremely SLOW in scanning and will usually freeze when its just about finished . the progress bar continues moving across and the circle around Threats moves so program is not really froze Right now I have two laptops that I scanned with the latest version, one I had to cancel after 56 minutes ( and by the way the cancel button DOES not work) it will say cancelling but you have to use task manager to end process This one went twice to around 1 hour and found 289 infections. I uninstalled and installed 1.75 version and had to continue cancel it to stop it from installing 2.0 version But it updated and finished in 11 minutes and found 287 infections The other two from the 2.0 I manually deleted via registry I have another laptop Both windows 7 scanning now and its been going for 1 hour and 47 minutes and it is in Trial mode and deleted 91 infections but its still going I guess my main question as I ask before is WHY does it take 2.0 so long to scan vice 1.75 and both find the same thing? Maybe a code mismatch somewhere? Thanks Bill
  2. I have been a regular user of Malwarebytes for several years. I have a small computer repair business and have recommended my customers purchase Malwarebytes and I have also purchased several copies for my customers. in the older versions the quick scan took anywhere fro 5 minutes to 10 minutes. With version it is taking over 24 minutes I just did some experiencing with the older version and the latest version I ran the older version and it found 126 PUP's in 9 minutes under quick scan I then did a restore back prior to installing the old version and then installed the latest version It found 123 Pups and took 26 minutes to run I am afraid that Malwarebytes is taking the same route that Both Spybot and AdWare took. Both got so clumsy and slow that most folks gave up on them. Additionally I noticed that around 200,000 files or so it will freeze up The progress bar continues but file count stops and you cannot even exit out of it and I have to use taskmgr to stop the process. This is NOT on just one system but several Hope someone can take a serious look at it Thanks Bill
  3. Is there anyway to get a select all on those PUP's. Sometimes on one of my systems, I get a lot maybe 300 plus PUP's and have to scroll down and manually select each one. Thanks Bill
  4. Hi Since Malwarebytes updated to 1.60, I have been unable to use the update as a separate download Prior to this version, I could download the update and copy it to the update dir while still off line. Now it will not allow it I get this error when running Malwarebytes The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware database is missing or corrupt. Would you like to download a new Copy. Now as you know, when you are trying to clean Trojan and Virus from a system, you certainly do not want to go o line immediately. I could go to download the update which is still available as an EXE file and run and then run Malwarebytes, clean system then reboot, go on-line and update MWB. Why was this change made to not allow a manual update? Thanks Bill .
  5. I am not sure if anyone else has this problem but here it is. working on my windows 7 Dell Desktop 64 Bit It caught the Win 7 Internet security 2012. I loaded my ERD made from Microsoft Desktop Optimization pack 2012 which allows me to get in the computer system while its not running. I used a program called Total Commander which allows me to view all files including hiding ones. I found all the standard files associated with the win 7 virus. Deleted them and empty the recycle. Files were located in profiles and also program data folder. Removed all that Beepingcomputers listed for this virus. Also edit the registry of all remnants. Booted into regular mode, updated Malwarebytes and did a full scan, it found 2 more. Next i installed Microsoft security essentials and it found 4 more that malwarebytes did not find. Deleted those and rebooted. Went on web to google and within 5 minutes, Win 7 Internet security 2012 was back. I went to bleepingcomputer and downloaded their register fix and ixplorer and all. It stopped it initially. That removed the scanning and stopped the processes. I than scanned with MWB and it found 2 more. Deleted and rebooted. Did an update with Microsoft security and did another scan, it found 2 more. Deleted and rebooted. Did an SFC /scannow to make sure all files were ok. No Problems. Rebooted and updated and rescanned with MWB. Nothing was found. Just let the system set and a windows popped up saying webpage out of memory at point 43 or something like that. About 5 minutes later again Win 7 Internet security 2012 was back. (I had not surfed or even brought up Internet explorer.) I then rebooted in safe mode with networking and ran Combofix. It found several and deleted those I have also ran the below: Tddskiller Kaspersky Virus Removal 2011 Microsoft Rootkit REmoval Sophos Rootkit Removal Trend Micro Rootkit Removal None of these finds anything. Yey 5 times now after cleaning, that same Win 7 Virus comes back Can anyone tell me where its hiding? Thanks Bill
  6. Thanks for the Info I did not realize that it scanned better in Normal vice safe mode. I just know that with my experience over the last 15 or so years with Trojan and Virus, that most will not let you run any removing programs in normal. However many of the Trojan/virus of today will not fully run in safe mode, therefore they do not block MWB from running. I always use all my removing programs in safe mode first after I have manually removed the main Trojan/virus from the system and profiles. Then I boot to normal and update MWB Again thanks for info Bill
  7. Thanks, Prior to the latest version, it did detect it and showed the new database. Latest version does not. Are you sure that when I scan it is actually using the new update rules.ref or the old 6705? I always do this in safe mode then boot to regular mode and update at that time. Thanks for your info Bill
  8. With the latest version of Malwarebytes, it comes with a built in database of 6705. I have 3 copies of Malwarebytes registered here and in the past if I am working on a customers computer, I will use my main computer, update to latest Database then copy it to the computer I am working on in the All User application dir. This way on my initial scan in safe mode, I can clean the computer, then boot and do an update if a later one is available. I then recommend that the customer purchase Malwarebytes. For some unknown reason the Malwarebytes folks locked the database to 6705. I can copy the new latest one over and over write the 6705 and when i run Malwarebytes, its still 6705. MALWAREBYTES FOLKS... Are you listening. thanks Bill
  9. Thanks Got it. Appreciated fast response. Bill
  10. Download Combofix and run it. Do a search for it. It will remove the redirects and any other rootkit that Malwarebytes cannot find. I have a computer business and use MWB 100% of time and highly recommend it. However it will not take care of those redirects. Combofix will. Bill
  11. This link IS NOT working to manually downlooad the database. It's strange as you have a great program yet we cannot get a manual download of the database. When i clean a computer of Virus, I boot into safe mode install Malwar5ebytes and update the database manually with whatever ver I have. Then asfter cleaning, I boot to regular mde and update then advise all customers to purchase Malwarebytes for full protection. Please make the Database avail manually. thanks Bill
  12. Thank you for the Update, I knew it was missing from your main page. i have it now. Bill
  13. Hello all I am a firm believer in Malwarebytes and have a paid version. I also encourage all my computer customers to use the paid version. Here is my situation. I used Malwarebytes to clean a computer and it found many Trojan/Virus and said it removed them. After a reboot I went on the web and did an update to the database. It again found the same Trojan/virus as before and again said it deleted them, yet they keep coming back Windows/system32/autochk.dll HKLM/software/Microsoft/Windows/Currentversion/run/autochk system32/config/systemprofile/protect.dll system32/config/systemprofile/startmenu/program/startup/chkdisk There were several others. There was no program that I could find that would remove these totally. I removed the hard drive and slaved it as USB and scan with Mcafee and Mcafee not only found theses but another instance of protect running along with about 12 infected .MP3 songs. Not sure why Malwarebytes could not find the infected Songs and the other copy of protect. After cleaning, put HD back in system and again updated with Malwarebytes. Nothing found. System totally cleaned now. Bill
  14. The Download link for the Update is Not available now. Too bad as I sure do not desire to turn the Internet on a machine I am cleaning and installing Malwarebytes on till I am sure it's clean enough to do so. By allowing me to download the latest update manually, I can assure the computer is clean enough to now turn Internet on and register the product and download latest database. bill
  15. MWB is the greatest. Two days ago, I was working on a notebook that was infected. I connected to Net and updated MWB to data base 2023. I then disconnected cause I had a Trojans that Not even Goggle had any reference on. It was located in system32 dir called ldtzxus.dll It was also being called from 3 different registry entries. But nothing I ran would get it off. Then I reconnected to the Net and clicked on update again , this was about an hour later and update 2023 was avail. Got that, re-ran a scan and Bingo. It found all three references to this and deleted them. I had spent several hours on this to no avail till the new update of MWB took care of it. Thank you MWB Bill
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