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  1. disPlay

    30 FP

    Sorry for doing another reply but I got and error after posting. Here is it. MYVARS.TXT
  2. disPlay

    30 FP

    The installer is the same as the casy posted. There is my MYVARS.TXT
  3. disPlay

    30 FP

    Attached. Attach.txt DDS.txt
  4. disPlay

    30 FP

    under the System 32 there are that files. I don't have 2 folders with the same name I only have one with that name. and the files are inside them.
  5. disPlay

    30 FP

    The strange thing is after a quick lookup and research there is no folder with the name system32 under the system32. Most of the files I scanned in virustotal and they are clean.
  6. disPlay

    30 FP

    Yesterday mbam found 30 Trojans in the system32. Log is in the post. mbam_log_2010_07_08__13_32_07_.zip
  7. Today I have done a quick scan with malware bytes and it found 30 files infected with Trojan.Agent. (I don't posted this in the FP forum because I really don't know if this is malware or a fp). I have uploaded the Malrebytes scan log I have scanned the computer with the avast and SAS and everything is clean. mbam_log_2010_07_08__00_04_29_.txt
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