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  1. Thanks, Rich. I think I am good to go. I am in the middle of a big clean up of disks and folders and was going to be deleting those folders from my F drive anyway. I looked in quarantine and the original file that got quarantined (prior to the 8 we just worked on) was from my C drive but, since I plan to get rid of this computer in a short time and since I have an idea of what that file does (uninstalls something I don't need but isn't bothering me), I think I'll just let it lie. I appreciate your help. Have a good weekend!
  2. OK, thanks Rich, looking good. I updated by right-clicking on the mbam icon in the system tray and got v. 2013.02.16.07. I scanned these 8 files and nothing was detected. Yay! So should I now click ignore on the scan result page? I'd prefer to click remove if that is OK (this disk isn't a boot disk, it used to be my boot disk, but I moved it from being my C: (boot) drive to my secondary drive, F: (non-boot), when I went from Vista to Win 7). Also, what about that one file that got quarantined yesterday? I don't know if it is on the F: drive or not until I navigate away from this scan res
  3. Sorry, Rich. I am getting confused here. Here is a second affected file. Please use this one instead. In the first one I sent, I thought I had compressed s1vo.1 but I see that the zip file is s1vo. Since the folder contains two files s1vo (7KB uncompressed) and s1vo.1 (3550 KB uncompressed), I am wondering if I accidentally compressed the wrong (and therefore unaffected) file. However, it may be that the compression doesn't completely use the original file name. At any rate, please use the file I have sent here (Memeo_Sync_setup). Memeo_Sync_Setup.zip
  4. Here is one of the affected files. Thanks for your help. s1vo.zip
  5. Ok, heading back to send the file (1 mile away).
  6. Corrected post with additional question (sorry, working from alternate device away from computer): Sorry to be dense, here, but how do I handle the open scan result window? If I leave it open and scan in dev mode, will that be ok? Or are you suggesting I click ignore? To zip, do I buy winzip from winzip.com or is something built into Win 7 or ...? Also, to be prudent, should I not use the computer until this is worked out?
  7. Sorry to be dense, here, but how do I handle the open scan result window? If I leave it open (mbam scan result winsow) and cc an in dev mode, will that be ok? To zip, do I buy winzip from winzip.com or is something built into Win 7 or ...?
  8. Thanks, Shadowwar. Here is the log file. The 8 most recently affected files are not on my boot drive. (I'm not sure about the one that was detected originally, no log file was created.) These 8 are on my F drive which is an internal drive but is not used to install programs or for the OS. In this case, would it be OK to remove them? I'm not feeling comfortable saying Ignore. Log file: ===================== Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (PRO) www.malwarebytes.org Database version: v2013.02.16.02 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x86 NTFS Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 name :: CINDY-PC [ad
  9. Last night mbam quarantined one file with Trojan.Backdoor.MRX. I read about the false positives on this forum, and that the problem had been solved in the new database, so I updated the database and ran a full scan overnight. However eight more detections were found. 1. If these really are false positives, why am I still getting detections and what should I do next? 2. On the scan result screen, does remove mean quarantine? Since I don't need these eight files, I'm inclined to remove them even though this may be a false positive. My options are remove selected, ignore, save log, main menu,
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