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  1. Click the "check for update" a few times and you should receive the update. The update will resolve this issue.
  2. In case anyone is still wondering. A small update was released a few minutes ago, the issue has been fixed. Simply update your malwarebytes and you're good to go.
  3. There was a small update released a few minutes ago. That update fixed the issue we were all having. Just posting this in case someone is still worried.
  4. Please update your MalwareBytes the issues will be resolved.
  5. A update that was released a few minutes ago fixed this issue. In case anyone is still browsing the forums and worried.
  6. Right click on malwarebytes that's located on the bottom corner of your screen. Click on "check for updates" a few times and it should update. I'm sure everyone will get it shortly.
  7. It's not being blocked but rather being flagged. I tested a bunch of websites and even though log says flagged and blocked, they are still accessible. Try updating MalwareBytes and the issues should be fixed.
  8. Try updating MalwareBytes, the issue should be fixed.
  9. If you're using Google Chrome (or any other browser) and start browsing, It seems to be flagging/blocking almost every outbound. (Live, Hotmail. GoogleTagManager, microsoft, msn) Even though log states the website was blocked, it is still accessible.
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