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  1. Click the "check for update" a few times and you should receive the update. The update will resolve this issue.
  2. In case anyone is still wondering. A small update was released a few minutes ago, the issue has been fixed. Simply update your malwarebytes and you're good to go.
  3. There was a small update released a few minutes ago. That update fixed the issue we were all having. Just posting this in case someone is still worried.
  4. Please update your MalwareBytes the issues will be resolved.
  5. A update that was released a few minutes ago fixed this issue. In case anyone is still browsing the forums and worried.
  6. Right click on malwarebytes that's located on the bottom corner of your screen. Click on "check for updates" a few times and it should update. I'm sure everyone will get it shortly.
  7. It's not being blocked but rather being flagged. I tested a bunch of websites and even though log says flagged and blocked, they are still accessible. Try updating MalwareBytes and the issues should be fixed.
  8. Try updating MalwareBytes, the issue should be fixed.
  9. If you're using Google Chrome (or any other browser) and start browsing, It seems to be flagging/blocking almost every outbound. (Live, Hotmail. GoogleTagManager, microsoft, msn) Even though log states the website was blocked, it is still accessible.
  10. Okay, this is what you have to say.. Open your MalwareByes, go to Protection and turn off or unclick malicious website blocking. Then update to the newest version and this issue should be fixed.
  11. Go into your log and post what it says. Mine is only my local host. (Type: outgoing, Port: 64539, Process: mbam.exe) For malwarebytes, but the port are different, spammed 50times.
  12. It's not just you.. I think this is another update that is super sensitive. So it's blocking off everything that resembles a malicious content. (I'm guessing) Cause I had to turn off malicious website blocking, in order to get on here.
  13. I have no issue with running on real time updates. However, I am confused on one part. Starting database refresh Stopping IP protection IP Protection stopped successfully Database refreshed successfully Starting IP protection IP Protection started successfully Questions: 1) If real time is enabled. Does that mean, every 5minute, IP protection is stopped and IP Protection restarts? 2) Everytime MalwareBytes updates/installs, since IP Protection is stopped and restarted. Does it mean, my computer is vulnerable at that state? Let's say I am updating/installing and IP is stopped or restarting. If
  14. I will take into account of what you said. As you are more knowledgeable than me in this area. Maybe I should move onto a safer alternative. Such as surveys.
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