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  1. MBAM "Malicious Website Protection Disabled"

    Hi all, Thanks to customer support my issue was resolved. If anyone else has the same problem, the solution in my case was: 1) Launch MBAM, under settings tab click >Update settings and uncheck the option "Check for program updates when checking for database updates". 2) Uninstall MBAM via control Panel >Programs and features >Uninstall a program. 3) Install MBAM version 4) After installation, activate license. 5) Re-enable "check for program updates when checking for database updates" and then manual update. I have no idea how this cyber magic works but thanks! Regards, Cu_sith.
  2. MBAM "Malicious Website Protection Disabled"

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to help me. I followed the clean install instructions accurately. The problem still persists, the requested screenshot is below. Regards, Cu_sith.
  3. MBAM "Malicious Website Protection Disabled"

    Hi daledoc1, I assumed MBAM was up to date as the manual update said I was, I should have double checked. I followed the instructions for a clean install, it's clear to me MBAM is in a bad mood, it now thinks I have no internet connection (when I do) and won't allow me to use my Premium activation code. Any idea how to overcome this? Regards, Cu_sith.
  4. Hi all, Is anyone else having a problem with MBAMs malicious Website Protection? A pop up says mine is disabled and it won't turn back on. Regards, Cu_Sith.
  5. Hi, Whoops, I should have read the known conflicts post more carefully. I've downloaded the new MAE Beta ( and it fixed the problem. *yay* Regards, Cu_sith.
  6. Hi, First off, I love this product, but: As of today my browsers failed to open. I couldn't see an error in normal window logs but it appears the culprit is MAE. (Disabling all my other active applications had no effect) There is no MAE pop up saying something has been blocked, the browsers simply fail to load up. Operating System and other software: Windows 7 x64Kaspersky Total security (Latest version).Malwarebytes Anti Exploit ( Anti Malware Premium (v2015.11.4.5)Secunia PSI ---- I just disable MAE while I open my browser, then re-enable. *shrugs* I assume MAE still works at this point? Regards, cu_sith.