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  1. Hi, Thank you very much. The latest update and clean tool solved my problem. Now it just scans the file i selected. Thank you. But , why did not it do before. Was there some problem
  2. Sir, After updating the free MB anti malware, i was not able to scan selected file/files or folders, because, if i right click and select scan, it scans threat scans on all the drives that normally a threat scan performs. Any solution
  3. Hi, Thank you daledoc, Opening of malware bytes is the dash board. Ok. I found quarantined items. Thanks for the information. How to edit one's post, once posted. Weblink means Google links? Why I am asking is when i click a weblink of famous www.excelforum.com, the avast gives that html.script.inf. Can i scan the link with this tool.. Because, i think that this is new addition to free malware bytes. once again thanks , for all the information and links. thanks for gem of a reply
  4. How to edit one's post. sorry, i selected quote button Open the main dashboard > history > Quarantine to see and manage what's in quarantine. Open the main dashboard > history > Application logs to see your scan logs. How to open the dash board, i tried but nothing opens. ple
  5. Sudden switch to some thing totally new is the thing one notice. beforehand, it is quick scan and now it is threat scan. Quick scan finishes in about 4 to 5 minutes. But threat scan takes almost an hour. So, i did notice these differences.From the above replies i understand that the vers2 is improvised user interface. But, obvious was the missing features compared to paid vesion. The replies were very useful to me in understanding still more about this wonderful tool. But what about false positives. How to differentiate those from real threats. I usually click the Show results and select each to destroy, as mostly i found those to be dangerous. For eg. inviewer program exe is shown as dangerous malware. But the same actions of win gif viewer , have almost the same settings, are not captured by this program. Thanks for the reply. Pl say how to know it is false positive. What are those parameters? that determine it is false positive and why
  6. This has one more missing feature in context menu. Whenever i downloaded a file, i used to scan the file by right clicking the file and select to scan with malware bytes, but it is missing in context menu also.
  7. Hi, I have my free antimalware program updated to the latest free version. But i find the functions of deleting or enabling settings of malware bytes deletion seems to have been removed in the new version. Beforehand, i used to click show results and select all the malwares to delete. Now there is no such thing in the latest free version. It seems that this software co has also make it compulsory to get the license to use to have the limited settings that one had in the free version, like deleting the found malware. License: Free Malware Protection: Disabled Malicious Website Protection: Disabled is the same settings available in the new free version. Or can i use the old version by udating the same.
  8. Hi, have malware bytes have any information and task with the Heart Bleed attack on computers. I only have limited knowledge that it attacks opn ssl server and only affects blog owner and website owner and not attacking individual computers. I also know that popular website, i do not want to name, server is affected and so the connected computers also getting compromised by the attack. It steals the information of privacy data and the articles are beginning to emerge on the attacks. Some company tried to attack the code to try and found that it could retrive information of secret documents with penetrating the computer leaving no evidence of any log. Have malware bytes any program to support the computer community, by its free version and also paid version. Since it leaves no trace or logs of occurance, it steals the information silently. Since antiviurs programs only attacks on virus, I am asking malware bytes team to effectively counter this for the user of malware bytes. Hoping to get atleast some attention
  9. Hi, Tan 37, If you get the message, the solution is just restart the computer and the dll driver will be installed and you could scan for rootkit.
  10. Hi, I am using malware bytes as one of the security against adware and trojans and it is just doing fine. Recently, i have come across malware rootkits beta which i downloaded, as i feel , malware bytes is one among the trusted program, and now iam also using the same. But the scan process , i notice is different in these two. May i know whether the rootkit program is one and the same as malware bytes free version.
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