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  1. Probably the registry entries have come back again. How to edit once posted. pl
  2. Hi, I have tried one another file and it opens the whole scan . If i click scan, it is first updating , and scanning all the files. There seems to be some bug, which needs to be corrected.
  3. Hi, After following your reg fix, the problem seems to have been solved. I tried a file and a folder scan, which was scanned successfully. Would you kindly say what the problem my system has, or it is a bug in your program, that it was residing and your reg kill program removed those entries. I would love to have your detail.Did that mean that those entries are not uninstalled while uninstalling malware bytes . I have done more than a dozen time uninstall and reinstall. But let me suggest one thing. update should not be always open , when one opts for individual files for scan. Otherwise, it will check for updates , which may take time to scan an individual files. UPdate is a kind of option to be left to users. For eg. the data base is March 16 and the update to till date takes much time. Just imagine low internet connectivity, the update would take more time. If you just , enable prescan features loading and scan, it would be a boom to the users.
  4. So, you make the program on the basis of prevailing folder in which the threat could hide or reside What is your comment on this? Ofcourse, I had been using your program for long time and noticed all the improvements. So may i suppose, it will erase everything in the folders that your program choose including any PUP, virus and what not. Eventhough, it is in DOS, the data base are being updated to include new variesties of PUP, trojan etc.. Will it not be feasible to atleast know which virus attacked the computer , that the JRT tool removed?For eg. Other programs did show the virus and name of the folder which it attacked.
  5. Yes . I did the chkdsk /r and found nothing problematic. I also used your command prompt command and got that successful message. But while i ran the clean tool, there was a error popup flashed for a second, when i clicked to reboot my computer. I could not see the words of error. It contained exceptions something...a error message, i suppose, I have a download speed of 850kbs. But the malware bytes having 22 mb, takes much time to download, the speed reduced to 13 kbs. I will try to check the mb after installing the program
  6. Hi, Thisusu, Thanks for the reply. So, you make the program on the basis of prevailing folder in which the threat could hide or reside. Could you please say, where to see the report in ccleaner. I could only see the Lang folder, ccleaner.exe and uninstall in c:program files
  7. regarding aswsnx.sys, it is a part of avast program in drivers. Should i delete it, i think , avast would not work then. How to edit a post in your forum
  8. I ran all the scan and here is the result. Moreover, when i click the change for all users button, there were no check marks . all item were left blank. Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  9. Hi, I removed incd and nero totally with revo uninstaller. Secondly, i removed winpcap. I do not know, how it entered the system. Is it Windows program or some third party. Please tell. I have also removed dns flushdns bat from task scheduler. I will uncheck compatibility and then check whether it fixes the problem. But is not there a bug in MB.Please tell something about winpcap, particularly how it could have entered my system
  10. Hi, I do not know how to edit post once sent. I also would like to know, whether those programs like printer drivers etc. It is auto installed drivers. How to check those. Should i go to properties, compatible to change those in to windows 7. Moreover, flushdns, is a bat file i have made to flush dns once in one hour, so that i could not have any internet access problem. Should i remove that from task schdule. pl advise. Should i also change the MB compatibility to windows 7.
  11. Thanks for the answer. I will remove incd and nero. But tweaking.com, i only use it occasionally. It repairs when you need specific repair. I do not know wincap. I will look in to it. I have not selected any compatibility mode myself. It is default, how to know it to change it. So far, i have uninstalled and reinstalled dozen times the Malware Bytes. But i do not know, wincap program. I never downloaded anything like that as far as i know. First say, how the default malware bytes changes to compatible mode?
  12. Hi, Thisusu, Glad that you have given the link. They only explains the contents of internet cache . What i want to know is , which virus out of your included list affects my computer? To put it straight, I know the folder, which is affected, I want to know, which virus or PuP, included in your data base, affected that folder.I do not ask why?. I know the effectiveness of your tool, but only want you to include the virus detected in that folder in the text file jrt.txt. It is really wonderful tool that it touches, the internet cache content folder. I tried to include that in ccleaner, but could not include it. Ccleaner , you may be aware has the option to include cleaning of temp files and folders. My question is to know the virus name and the program that injected it. I hope thisusu understand it
  13. Hi, Again i prefer the query, why it could not include, which virus attacked the system in which application, so that users could view those. I know that the data base is being updated as well as program. But , which virus attacked which files may be useful for the users. Thisusu could consider this.
  14. Hi, I know the existence of this button. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  15. Hi, Where is more options button to click browse to enclose my 3 logs. I have run the two tools and has 3logs
  16. Hi, I tried your cleaning and reinstalling and then updating. Individual scan opens only the whole scanner
  17. Hi,l Tim E attended the query and the ticket no is #1071265. . I have closed the ticket , as the solution worked temporarily.. I do not know, why could not you make it. But when i selected the individual files, it was happening. I once again uninstalled as per your linked procedure and installed and updated and scanned the first time , the threat scan. I will try and capture a pic if it recurs. Tim E has given the solution of total uninstall and reinstall. But the problem resolved only temporarily. I closed the ticket, by thanking him and informing the mb support , that i will raise the issue in the forum
  18. Hi, I know, i expect this screen, but i get the whole scan screen containing 5 rings. That means entire file scanner. Is there a bug in the program. I sometime get this screen, but mostly get the total scan screen, That is the reason , why i came to this forum. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but this behaviour recurs
  19. Hi, Thanks for your explanation. But could it not include the known virus affected files it has deleted, so that we could have the idea , which program is harmful or suspicious. I always use this tool to get rid of stubborn attacks. There is a command line improvement in the new version and thanks
  20. Hi, I use junk ware removal tool and found to be safe and would like to know, that thisusu program is successfully deleting some entries in the IES content folder and other folders. But i would like to know , what are those deleted files, i mean suspicious files so that i could avoid going to those downloads in future. Am i asking too much from him. without knowing what it is deleting, one would have to scan and scan again , as always, some folders are getting deleted without knowing which are the virus or suspicious programs. I do not want the entire list, but would like to have the affected files and suspicious files list for the scan i take
  21. Hi, I presume there is some bug in scanning individual file or folder in malware bytes scan. It some times load the 3 ring action tabs, update, prescan and file scan. But mostly i experienced a bug, that even though it is available in right context menu, scanning of individual file loads 5 ring action tabs. update, prescan, and all scan including heuristic scan screen. One would like to scan individual files after downloading to be scanned with malware bytes. If one selects, and it loads 3 rings then it is correct. But there is bug in the latest and recent version of malware bytes that it loads the full scan screen. The matter was referred to help, and reinstalling of mb ofcourse solved the problem but only temporarily. Each time i select a file for scanning, it loads the total scan screen, which will take much time. Could any one give solutions to this Just uninstalling and reinstalling one reputed application involves lot of time. Pl
  22. Hi, The problem solved with your first solution itself. now i can scan file system object scan with exe file in the right context menu.Thanks. But the exe file is scanned as one file by Malware bytes. Other scan shows more file, where as MBM show it as only one file.Is it correct.? Of course, the exe file is one, containing may be more no of files
  23. Hi, File system scan of specific files work on otherfiles other than exe files. When i right click and exe file, the scan does not cover the selected file but the whole scan. Is there any fix for this? I am having the latest version of malware bytes free
  24. Hi, Root Admin The problem was rectified in the latest version. I was using the previous version of the new improved malware bytes. I have seen that in the latest release notes. The right context menu correction was specifically mentioned. Thank you. But let me know, what to do get the replies from this forum to my email. Is there any settings. Should i check Follow this topic to get the reply alert, sir
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