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  1. Hi, Please find enclosed herewith my check log It shows in the log in app compatibility log , shown as runas admin Please tell more about this CheckResults.txt
  2. Hi, I understand that . My simple question is : how to find if it is in compatible mode or in correct mode. I just downloaded the malwarebytes from your site and i hope that there is only one download for all the versions. If i could correct things , then it may work for me also. The right click menu works after the first try, now. Please let me know about compatability. How to check whether malware bytes is running in correct mode. Is there any check on that ?
  3. Hi, I had not asked a big query. How to know, it is in compatible mode or not. I could try to rectify it . Does that mean that , if i select compatibility tab, and look there , it would not list the version, that is set. For example, if the program is running correctly , then windows 7 , my OS version, would not be shown in the run in version mode list. Pl try to solve. Expecting reply and glad that you have replied. Or is it some other thing that i have to look in to
  4. Hi, i do not know that malware bytes is running in compatibility mode. I do not get any alert. How to know , that it is running in compatibility mode. would you please clarify.
  5. No. The problem still persist. On the next boot try, it does not open correctly . I have used all the fixes but still having some issues. If i right click, sometime, there is nothing happening forcing me to again right click on a file. If i right click, then again nothing. Repeated right clicks, only result in executing. I will try again sfc scannow, as it is the only way to fix dll errors and system files.
  6. I have used shellexview and upon opening found your context menu item . Right clicked and looked at the properties. I found the file , but the openwith box, contained unknown. I opted for change there and then browse to get the file association and browse to the malware bytes, and selected mbam.exe to open the dll file. NOw the problem seems to have been solved . first right click on individual files, do open scan and properly scan individual file. Would you suggest, anything now. Why it showed as unknown in the open with box in the properties. Should not i have changed the default unknown to get it work. once i changed and rebooted , the problem seems to have been solved. Pl kindly advise. I just enclosed the checklist from web, which was using the version , you mentioned. I am using your latest version.
  7. Thanks Advanced.. My problem is , the first clicks invariably opens normal scan, whereas the second click works correctly. Thanks that the log shows no entry. But see here a log file downloaded from internet, which has no entry at all, even showing blocked entries. mbam-check result log version: Malwarebytes Version: REG_SZ Date Log Created: 12/08/13 Time Log Created: 17:04:10 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Shell Extension Block Check: ====================================================== MBAM Startup Entries: ===================== HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce Sorry for troubling you, why cannot i edit my post? pl
  8. I could not add any entry, edit anything once posted. If i click, save after edit, it says that it could not be saved. please say the solution , how to edit the post
  9. Hi, Advanced setup, When i ran the check mbam tool, this entry was found. It says blocked and please say, whether there is anything here Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Shell Extension Block Check: ====================================================== HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked MBAM Startup Entries: ===================== HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce
  10. Hi, dale, what i have suggested to them is to keep the update option separately , so that it could scan, load the screen correctly. I suspect, that pop up dashbaord instead of scan is the area to look. I will try to locate my place of error. I run your tool not on daily basis, but on weekly basis. Online attacks are neutralized by avast antivirus free. I use malware for all other attacks, like trojan,rootkit,stubborn PuPs and browser attacks. Normally, when i download the file, i immediately tries to scan with MB, for some files, it finds hidden suspicious files, so , i will not download from that site and avoid that site for future downloads also. In this context, i use the right click scan more frequently , and hence i came to the forum. I will again check with all the tools, check mb,frst, etc and try to find out, if there are anymore compatibility or other issues.
  11. Hi, Thanks for all who has responded. Now i know the trick of how to make it work after two clicks. Particularly, i wholeheartedly thank the Advanced Setup, root admin for his painstaking efforts. May be the new version would get me some improvement . The command line is no more i suppose. Whenever you start the programs, it is automatically updating before the scan. It does not stop there, after it updates, it is scanning threat, which is taking more time. If the update part is separated, one would be able to scan with old version and then update. The update process combines with the scan, including heuristic takes much time to complete. I already aired this voice in the beginning of this post to advanced setup. Once again thanking all for giving jet like replies
  12. No the problem still persists and even disabling right context menu does not work. The only workaround is opening the malwarebytes two times and you get the correct screen.So, the bug is clearly in the program which they are not accepting. Because, nobody would be using the right click menu , for individual scan, this has not been escalated issue so far. I think, but have raised the issue, and they would not accept. Let us be happy with two double clicks, one click to get the normal menu and the other time to get to scan individual files
  13. Hi, i have used shellexview and disabled the context menu of some of the unwanted programs and also the residual entries of already uninstalled program Nero. Then the problem seems to be solved. On booting and opting for individual file scan, the MB opens scans and it opens the correct dialog box, instead of normal. I will wait for two more sessions to really know whether my problem still persists or solved. Please see the residual entries of nero, the programs i uninstalled as per your suggestion in the beginning of this post.I have disabled thro shellexview.
  14. While i agree with you , i think you might have also noticed one thing. It opens the SCAN, instead of Dashboard during the individual scan. That is the problem, I even opted sfc scannow and it does not show any integrity violation. The right click few times , allowing to see the dashboard, finally getting to Scan tab, which is correct as per your diagrammatic representation. why this behavior is mystery. i disabled nero and everything you said. i will try to run Frst and see myself logs, if appcomp flag is seen. Even though, i uninstalled using revo uninstaller, some residue context menu entries were found in shellexview . I disabled them. Registry cleaner, does not delete any useful entries of the programs and i am using ccleaner from more than 12 years, like MBytes. I think it triggers mbam.exe, but the delay in triggering that is causing the dashboard to open , instead of scan screen. May it be the updating always , when opening would be a point of causation of this behaviour? I even disabled update settings, but even then if i opt for scan, it checks of updates. It is known fact, that command line prompt update is no more possible in version 2 onwards.
  15. Hi, Regarding registry repair, I am using that tool is boon like your tool, in repairing unkown registry entries. If suppose, i change permissions without that much deep knowledge, that would change the permisison of access and would denote access denied etc. Your video link only talked about if access denied is shown while executing. It just restores the registry back to default to the version of windows . It could be simply undone, if i select system restore created by the program or windows. Please review in the line of your tool working perfectly at the second instance of its execution, instead of first try.
  16. Hi, I would say that at first try of malware bytes, the scan opens whole scan, if a file is selected for scan. But the next try, would scan individual files. So the fix has to be found in the scenario. What about the process monitor. I have selected , process name, in the first drop down menu, the next drop down menu, contains, and the third, i typed mbam.exe and after adding that to the filter, the scan started, but only blank screen could be seen. I asked your idea, about how to post the logs, if there is none to be found. While i appreciate for your sincere effort, i think that there is some where at start point, it gives dashboard popup, instead of scan popup. Did you see the nirsoft logs of shellextnview.Is there any missing. As far i could gather, there is nothing wrong in that. The right click menu works, but the target is mbam.exe, instead of extn exe. i do not know much about extension file dll and how it is triggered. The second try works perfectly today. I will watch tomorrow and come with something new, if i could find.
  17. I think i have solved the problem with the exe fix in the link given below. I do not know whether it is temporary fix or permanent fix. I will report after testing this for few days. the link is here and the file is exe fix, the first . I took the risk of changing the reg file with this reg. It changes all the exe file and its association links. I have since been able to scan individual files and no normal scan windows. anyhow, i will wait and watch to confirm the solution. I tried to install as admin but to no use. https://www.techsupportall.com/file-association-fix-for-windows-7/
  18. Hi, The video relates to correction of any popup denoting access denied or runtime error. But nothing of the sort in my case. I already told that i have tried registry repairs and file permission repairs. Did my logs show nothing? I have enclosed two sets of logs. just see my pic it is scanning more than a lakh entries. I did not get access denied . What should i select in filter, so that i could try and post you the findings.
  19. will do and report back. Moreover, i have used All in one repair by tweaking.com to set right file permissions and registry permissions. There are repairs and even then , the malware bytes scan opens normal dashboard screen. I will try your video link and try to capture those logs.
  20. Hi, All other sounds are working perfectly, but your video link does not work correctly .Did you check that. I have tried a mp3 file and it sounds. But when i clicked your video, it opens and plays but the sound seems to be lost . pl check. Anyhow, i will try to go thro the video to understand what it is all about. I have downloaded the process monitor.
  21. Hello, today when i tried thrice, the normal scan opens. I think , i have found out the cause, and would like to have ideas from you. When i right click the file, when it was working, the program opens, scans and do that correctly. When i open it today, it opens with dashboard, and subsequently to normal scan screen. would you give solution. I do not think i have permission issue, because, there were no runtime errors noticed as in your link. Would you help me and so much others, who are also facing. Some says, it works with second or third tries. Please,
  22. hi, It is totally weird behaviour . Now, individual file scan is working smoothly. Why this behaviour i do not know. I tried file, files, folder, zip, exe, and even shortcut. Everything is fine now. But when i first click , normal scan opens. Subsequent trying of clicks however opens correctly.
  23. Hi, Thank for your reply. So, using malware bytes will be enough in that sense. Thanks for your answers.
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