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  1. DarkKnight, Thanks for your help and efforts. For the record, all the ports on my PC are closed (McAfee). migs102006
  2. Tried Stinger, did not find any viruses, malware.
  3. DarkKnight, Maybe i spoke to soon. Shortly after installing Filehippo, i checked what apps needed to be updated. Skype and Acrobater Reader needed to be upgraded, so i did. Shortly after installing the upgrades, the ports on my PC started being scanned/probed again. I have McAfee, MalwareBytes, Spybot 2, SpywareBlaster and SuperantiSpyware loaded on my PC. Is it normal for PCs all over the world to probe the ports on your PC? Should i just give up and live with a botnet of zombies knocking at my ports, as long as they cannot penetrate the firewall? migs102006
  4. DarkKnight, Thank you so much. Enabled automatic updates. (A bit reluctant as i have been burned by poorly tested Microsoft updates in the past.) Combofix was uninstalled. Using Google Chrome. Installed SpywareBlaster. McAfee Site Advisor enabled. Installed Filehippo Thank you, migs102006
  5. Removed old version of Java. Installed latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  6. DarkKnight, Checkup file attached. Thanks for all your help. Best regards, migs102006 checkup.txt
  7. Hi DarkKnight, Apologies for not coming back to you, i was in the midst of job interviews. Best of all - i got the job-, hurray! In any case, after about 24 hours of inactivity, all of a sudden my PC started getting port scanned -AGAIN-. Looking to solve the problem from another angle, i approached the Mcafee community and i was give the link below. https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168 You will recognize several of the anti-virus/anti-malware software links. :-) I went through each one of the links and frankly did not expect any anomalies to be detected. I guess i had given up... Whil
  8. Hi DarkKnight, Yes, i did uninstall Skype but the probing did not stop. I use Skype for business so i re-installed it. I looked up all the ip addresses that Skype was probing and found out that they were all Microsoft sites around the world. So Skype is not the culprit. Why Skype would ping Microsoft servers every so often is curious to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The good news. I finally found out how to configure the Mcafee ant
  9. DarkKnight, Reading the results of the port scans i am at peace with an outside intrusion threat due to the stealth mode of all ports on my pc. More concerned with an internal intrusion... I monitored traffic on my pc and found something that does not seem right?! I have not used Skype today at all, yet it detected Skype communicating with the following IP addresses / ports port 40038 port 443 port 12350 port 40027 port 40032 port 40008 port 40018 port 53910 port 539
  10. GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2013-02-17 at 15:51:50 Results from scan of ports: 0-1055 0 Ports Open 0 Ports Closed 1056 Ports Stealth --------------------- 1056 Ports Tested ALL PORTS tested were found to be: STEALTH. TruStealth: FAILED - ALL tested ports were STEALTH, - NO unsolicited packets were received, - A PING REPLY (ICMP Echo) WAS RECEIVED.
  12. Hi DarkKnight, gmer.log contents file attached. Contents were too long to paste. migs102006 gmer.log
  13. Have my own IT business. Do some e-trade from home.(That's the scary part, as i fear a keystroke recording program). Ten years away from retirement... :-) Observed this since 10/2/12. McAfee detected on that day: Cookie-Yieldmanager Cookie-Imrworldwide Cookie-Doubleclick Cookie-Atdmt Cookie-Eyeblaster Cookie-2O7 Cookie-Realmedia Cookie-Zedo Cookie-Burst Cookie-Casalemedia Cookie-Insightexpress Cookie Mediaplex Then McAfee blocked a hacker from exploiting buffer-overflow on Internet Explorer and buffer-overflow on Acrobat Reader. 10 days after on 11/15 my pc started being probed. I am writing
  14. The McAfee firewall blocks all incoming network traffic that tries to communicate through various ports. The message i get is: "The pc tried to access your system port TCP port 52832, If you want to allow this traffic either trust the IP address or open the port in the systems services in Firewall. The source ip address is your own gateway. The source ip address is your own DNS server. The source ip address is your own DHCP server. The source ip address is in your own local network." 192.168.* is a default internal IP address that the Verizon FIOS router assigns to all devices a
  15. mega upload website has been closed by the FBI. Fraud investigation... Dropbox link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4obwb86hp8jj7ae/D2c6jB8T1G
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