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  1. Certainly I did not uncheck the "Update" option upon installation. Apparently it is not continuing now, in that the message no longer shows the long-outdated database. I'll post again if it returns. Thank you very much.
  2. Regarding "exclusions" -- no, I have not set these up. Please advise how to do so. Thank you. Regarding "rebooted" -- I'm not sure if I had at the time of the problem. Now that I have rebooted, the outdated database message has indeed disappeared.
  3. When I launched Malwarebytes today, a window said that the database was outdated by 52 days. I said yes to updating it. Then a new window said that the database was successfully updated from version v2012.12.14.11 to version v2013.02.05.09. However, I had just updated Malwarebytes on Feb 2, 2013. That's when I downloaded and installed the new version of Malwarebytes: So it was actually only 3 days ago that I updated it. Why does Malware still show that it was updated 52 days ago? Note that this pattern has happened before, and I have just been ignoring it. Could this be related to the trojans that AVG keeps on finding and removing to virus vault or securing? That's Trojan horse Generic31.AJE. Thank you for your guidance. I want to clear this up!
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