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  1. Well. it was running smoothly for a few days and now I've having the same real time protection issue that many others are having. It turns off after booting. I don't have Kaspersky loaded like some others I'm using Avira AV.
  2. I'm having the same problem and no, I'm not running Kaspersky AV like so many others who've had a similar problem here. I've tried alot fixes that have been listed.
  3. I deleted all traces of the Malwarebytes directories that i could find and all registry entries using Nirsoft's Reg Scanner. I then loaded ver 3 and it's running smoothly I read the txt files the the above programs created and since I'm planning a thorough reinstall of Windows 10 (and possibly a dual boot with Linux), I didn't think it was worth your time to go through the whole process of cleaning and checking. In addition, I'm not a big fan of constantly leaving logs on forums.
  4. Thanks for responding. I tried the older version of mbam-clean. This time I got the reboot message but it didn't delete the Malwarebytes directory or files. I tried it in sale mode as well as ran it as administrator. I also tried using the uninstall executable file from the Malwarebytes directory in both full and safe boots and still got the error message. What's the procedure for manual deletion? I can probably find all the directories including where it's location in the Roaming area of Windows 10, but will using something like Niroft's Regscanner give me all the registry keys ne
  5. I noticed that I didn't have an uninstall option in the control panel so I downloaded the clean tool and it couldn't uninstall version I deactivated the program before using the clean tool I also tried booting into safe mode and still couldn't uninstall. I also ran the clean tool as "administrator". Could it be because I originally installed the program into a directory called C:\Program Files (x86)\Security and the delete tool can't find that folder? I think the tool did delete the ProgramData\Malwarebytes directory. Is my only option to manually delete the C:\Progr
  6. Was it the same version of the Potplayermini64.exe file that I was using (v 1.6.48576) or a later one. It it's a later one, that means the program was flagging any file with tha name rather than the version # itself.
  7. Today, when I went to start up Potplayer64 bit v 1.6.48576, Malwarebytes blocked it with a Backdoor.bot classification. I restored it from Quarantine and uploaded it to Virustotal where Malwarebytes was only 1 of 57 scanners that flagged it. I'm zipping the file and uploading as Malwarebytes consistently gives me a warning stating: Error - You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file. Here's the link to the Virustotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/3cef8b1e2a146dec89dc66df333d3079ad196edc94e48769bbb13fc62f71f84d/analysis/1425397163/ I'm going to uninstall this version and
  8. It's the /24 I didn't understand and had to read this to try to make head or tail out of it: http://www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/press-centre/understanding-ip-addressing I'm pretty good with hardware and security, but this is slightly above my pay grade right now.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by "entire 24". Are you referring to 24 numbers after 195.42.103.xx that might be associated with Movavi.com?
  10. I experienced the same blocking of the website as the original poster. Why has no one responded to this post? I've just emailed the information below: When I try to go to a well known software site called: http://www.movavi.com/, a message appears that says Malwarebytes is blocking access to a malicious website with an IP address of I just ran movavi.com through several online scanners and they say it's clean: http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/movavi.com/ http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/movavi.com http://scanurl.net/?u=movavi.com&uesb=Check+This+URL#results Is this a false p
  11. I also had a message pop uo that stated something like FlashGot.exe was infected with Spyware.Zbot.ED". This was with the 2013.01.28.02 update. I originally quarantined the file and then restored it after not finding thek registry strings nor the files caused by the virus mentioned here: http://www.microsoft...n32%2FZbot.FAG. I'm forwarding a zip folder of the log scan (just scanned that one file) and the file itself. Note that your 2013.01.28.06 no longer finds flashgot.exe offensive. FlashGot.7z
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