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  1. Just to serve as a follow-up, my friend (who also had the Bittorrent issue) downloaded the trial pro-version and the issue went away as did mine. This would have to be a heck of a coincidence for it to be anything other than Malwarebytes Pro. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Thank you.
  2. When I am downloading a torrent, I use Bittorrent, but within the last year the program always froze and required to be forced closed and restarted. Then, it would happen again and again. I looked up the issue and I was hardly alone. I don't know if the issue was ever resolved by anyone, but ever since I purchased your pro version the issue is gone. I constantly get a pop-up window in the right corner letting me know that malware is blocking bittorrent from accessing blah blah blah....you know the drill. So, thanks for that alone. I rarely purchase a pro version of anything, but this is worth every penny for the bittorrent issue by itself. So you know, you guys may have solved a long existing issue with Bittorrent.
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