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  1. Thank You exile360, for responding, that pretty much told me what I needed to know. Integration into Malwarebytes for Windows, will be awesome. I do have the premium for android..so far I am happy with it protecting myPixel 3..and Android Q...Thanks again...Mike
  2. I am interested in knowing if Adware Cleaner will be advancing to Android...would be nice to get rid of junk on my phone...
  3. Was reading on another site and found some interesting information to share. In the latest windows pre release 16251, there is a way to link your android phone to your pc. here is the link, and I think its worthy of mentioning.. : https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-adds-support-for-linking-android-phones-to-windows-10-pcs/
  4. Thank You Ron.. Seems to have fixed whatever was wrong... Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi Ron, Thank You for taking a look, it is appreciated. Please find attached the logs attached as requested.. Mike FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S39].txt
  6. Not sure if I'm infected, however I see several errors and ATTENTION lines in logs..Please help FRST.rar Addition.rar mbrscan.rar
  7. I like that idea...only prob, I can see is when, will they fail....had that happen to two of mine...a real pain.. Wish you the best with them..
  8. Thanks 1PW for that information....I had no idea that MWB3 included host files in its web protection...Good information....Thank You !
  9. Does anyone use MVPS Host Files...Blocks unwanted connections and speeds up your browser...would like to hear if anyone uses this and the positive experiences from it. Thanks..
  10. Updated and scanned...everything works fine....Thank You ! MWB Team
  11. I'm sure its a coding error in previous update, ( sort of a misspelling..if you would) which can be fixed...Patience....
  12. Patience is the key here folks..Not easy to decipher problems and code the update instantly. Ive been with Malwarebytes for years and have several lifetime license's..I believe in the product. As with any product, they evolve. Things happen, so a layered protection scheme is the best.
  13. I'm sure the Malwarebytes Team will be all over this shortly. Updated to the latest version, scanned...which was done .03 sec...nother pop up screen said, updates needed, not current. and of course realtime prot..turned off.
  14. Same thing happens here too...I was running 3.06..going to try upgrade to Great Program, hope they can fix this...
  15. i just got this installed and so far no, false positives at all.. I have noticed that it does take a bit longer for my system to boot. This program so far is great..had a close call earlier today, when signing up for a game site, flashed on my screen and audio..call the number...yada yada..locked everything up but the power button. I powered it off by the button...restarted...and used the same browser I was using ..firefox.. boom, went thru it again... rebooted....used IE11..no problems...so I assumed firefox got infected...uninstalled and got fresh copy..all good now.. Just a little info...hope it helps..
  16. Got the new version installed without problems...09.5.0250 win 8.1 firefox...Thank You
  17. Im running 8.1 64 bit and it just happened to me as well...should we uninstall or just wait to hear something
  18. This is great news, however, I'm not surprised, as MBAM is a Great Product, and the Word Is Spreading...Way to Go
  19. I like the android ap idea a lot. While we are at it...lets take a look at other smart phones too....could become quite a market...
  20. Congratulations to Marcin, and the entire Malwarebytes Team....Well done !
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