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  1. Thanks! the Clean function in the Support Tool was able to uninstall the program. Not sure I will ever install it again. Gave me more trouble with my computer than anything else. Many thanks for your help!
  2. And the Malwarebytes Support tool hangs forever also...
  3. Installed Mbam 4 yesterday. Today, my computer doesn't respond at all, nothing. Tried to open the program, doesn't open. Tried to uninstall Mbam with no success, it hangs while uninstalling. Even tried a system restore to yesterday prior to version 4 with no success either. I want this program out of my system now. How can I do that? Thanks
  4. Ok, re-tried the first steps and have the following zip file named "mb-support.zip" but cannot attach file. Too big.
  5. I don't understand. The zip file I have send it's the mb-support.DMP file in question. I have nothing else in my temp folder.
  6. I have downloaded the Malwarebytes Support Tool because I suspected something wasn't right. Downloaded the file, click on "Repair" but now it's "Scanning for issues" at this particular point for 25 min now. Is this normal?
  7. Ok, will wait and hope for this feature in a future release. Thanks!
  8. Is there a reason why the main window of Malwarebytes does not retain the position we want? As you can see in my capture screen, under "Updates", I would like to have full screen at the bottom (no right side scroll bar), instead of always manually do it every time . Thanks!
  9. Thank you but I just resolved my license problem. Everything is working fine now. Many thanks!
  10. Ok, I did download the support tool and it never did ask if I would like to re-install before or after reboot. So the program is now re-installed but I lost my Premium License. I tried to "Activate License" in entering my license key and license ID but after that, nothing happens. I'm stuck in the "Activate License" section... What now?
  11. Can I simply and safely uninstall with Windows "Programs and Features" option? Thanks!
  12. I want to uninstall Malwarebytes from my computer. Where is the file that I can download to completely uninstall Malwarebytes? Many thanks!
  13. Ok thanks! What is the difference between "mb-clean" and "mbam-clean" ?
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