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  1. Malwarebytes Support Tool version 1.6.2 is now available! You can find the new change log below. For all archived change logs, you can find them in the first post above Added Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (.arw) files to the log collection process Blocked ".msi" files from being collected when log collection is performed Addressed a bug that created duplicate telemetry information when the Repair feature is performed
  2. We are excited to announce the general availability release of Malwarebytes Support Tool version 1.6! The Malwarebytes Support Tool is a multi-purpose troubleshooting and repair utility, designed to assist with issues related to Malwarebytes for Windows. Our goal with the Malwarebytes Support Tool is to provide a simple and stress-free approach to troubleshooting issues with Malwarebytes products. The Malwarebytes Support Tool can be used in two fashions: Guided or Advanced. In Guided, you'll be offered self-help suggestions followed by an option to create a ticket with our support team (or update an existing ticket). In Advanced, you'll be able to perform troubleshooting on your own and/or get help from our forums support team. ** Download Malwarebytes Support Tool Here ** This release includes the following new functionality: Added new Dashboard page to provide clear options for users with or without a Support ticket. Added help options in the Repair process if no Malwarebytes products are detected. Existing functionality: Automatically backup Malwarebytes for Windows configuration data, exclusions and quarantine data when performing a repair. Added an automated repair process to self-serve options. Added self-serve options to help provide solutions faster Added detection of outdated Malwarebytes for Windows installation and ability to upgrade to latest version. Added ability to generate new Malwarebytes Support tickets Added ability to lookup existing Malwarebytes Support tickets and upload troubleshooting information to a secure Malwarebytes server Integrated automation of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) Integrated automation of existing Malwarebytes Support tools (MB-Check, MB-Grab & MB-Clean) Contains offline functionality in case of a networking problem Contains Advanced Options page to locally generate troubleshooting information or perform a clean reinstallation of Malwarebytes for Windows Added application telemetry. Improved clean functionality to provide more robust manual cleanup, removal of Malwarebytes business products and clearer logging. Improvements to troubleshooting information collection. For more information, please refer to the following links: Malwarebytes Support Tool User Guide Malwarebytes Support Tool FAQs Note: Should you encounter any issues please start a new topic in this section. Changelog:
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