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  1. Good news ! When is next update planned ?
  2. When I uninstall MBAM, kcsoftwares.com is still blocked on my PC.... what the hell did MBAM left on my PC that did that ?
  3. This seems to be affecting SUMo too. Now i understandard that SUMo was probably not your target has it is a wide shared hosting IP... Do you confirm that SUMo will be recovered too ?
  4. DamienK


    Dear support still some problems with SUMo (now IP blocked). Would you please help me ?
  5. This is a FALSE POSITIVE issue. SUMo is simply contacting its server in order to check updates as requested by end users. Please fix since i have to disable MBAM to be able to use SUMo (launched at least once a day on all my PCs.....) They even made effort to properly detect MBAM updates.... what a shame if you block them !
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