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  1. Bonjour SX est encore bloqué, vous n'avez pas compris que votre système est définitivement voué à générer énormément de FP ?.
  2. Sorry for the delay. @Propheticus ; what's the point between SEO and MBAM which blocked the access to a website ? I don't care about SEO and your llink is completely wrong... @others : Why do we use a shared hosting ? Because OVH provides an easy way to set up and maintain a website. We don't want to manage system and packages update. I never use an another shared hosting. A dedicated server has to be installed, configured et maintained. And I don't really think that people who uses a dedicated server is able to fully protect the system. How many are able to set up SELinux ? to config
  3. As usual, any news from the staff ? I really don't care to know if it's the OVH fault or not. There are some other ways to protect users agaisnt the Internet threats (-_-'), but it seems that MBAM doesn't want to study them. Can we except a real solution from such professionals in order not to block several clean websites ? For now, our users have to disable the protection to go on our Website because they know that the website is clean.
  4. Again ??!! 2014/02/08 10:48:14 +0100 XXX XXX IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 52609, Process: avwebgrd.exe)
  5. Hello, once agian, your stupid method blocks a large range of OVH IP. I don't work for OVH, but seriously, when you block just one IP from a shared hosting, you block several websites. You have a lot of false positive with your method to get a more "secure" (lol) surf. Please unblock the IP and use a different method to ensure a safe surf. igor51
  6. Hello, First, thanks to have removed this IP. Second, I think the main problem is still remained. You block all websites because of on IP address. You can really improve your software by using a more fine-grained detection for the malicious websites. Why cannot you use the combination domain name/IP address to block a website which it hosts on a shared hosting ?
  7. Hello Definitely, it is a false positif. Why do you except from OVH ? And What are your criteria to blacklist an IP ? Are you kidding me ? Why do you not apply the same criteria for files ? Any executable files are dangerous for the system. So you have to block all files.... Why do you not use the same "protocol" or method that Google Safe Browsing ? You maintain a list of blacklisted IP so you can add a domain name for the shared hosting to avoid false positive....
  8. Hi, It is a shared hosting. You cannot apply it for all websites hosted on the same IP. Your way to block websites (or to protect users) is not reliable. A vast majority of websites are hosted on a shared hosting. You cannot block all these websites because one of them is malicious. Use the domain name instead of IP blocking with the IP.
  9. I know that the site is safe because I am one of the Admins. You are blocking an IP of shared hosting.
  10. Hello, Malwarebytes blocks access to security-x.fr ( Why does it block access to this website ? Regards
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