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  1. You guys ROCK!. Thanks for all the info you have collected and freely given back to the world. My 2 yr old hopped on the computer this morning and somehow (we shall use imagination) managed to stick the ol "Spylock" on the bloody thing. To my amazment your site came up NUMBER one with google. also number 2 and 3 in some cases to my question. Most people seem to have time to wait for your reply, (after posting the log) I cant. Need computer now.. so I boldy researched more (even more malwarebytes pages) and found a whole host of Evil nasty dirty filthy little vermin running thru my computer. the delete key got a good work out, then hijackthis and then just to be sure, the Rouge one. Works a treat. Not only did your information lead to the extermination of spylock <<<---- EVIL!!! but lead the demise of a number of other "Trojans". Good work. So I really wanted to take the time to thankyou all. (10 mins of my life i give again for the same level of expert help. Life well spent!. Thanks
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