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  1. I have been informed by PIA that this IP is associated with their VPN service. Below is their response. I would prefer to error on the side of caution and if you feel this is a "bad" IP{ address I will not allow it. Thank you for contacting PIA Support. We understand that you are having issues with Malwarebytes blocking PIA IPs. Rest assured that we are here to assist. Due to two(2) of the protection systems found in Malware Bytes, it may sometimes interfere with the processes our VPN application requires to operate. To resolve this, please follow the below instructions: 1. Right-click on the Malware Bytes icon in your system tray. 2. Click on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. 3. Click the Settings icon at the top. 4. Select the Detection and Protection menu on the left-hand side of the window. 5. Click into the drop-down menu under the heading "PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) detections," and select "Warn User About Detections." 6. Click into the drop-down menu under the heading "PUM (Potentially Unwanted Modification) detections," and select "Warn User About Detections."
  2. I should have added I have Private Internet Access as well. Sorry.
  3. This is NOT a request for unblocking! Lately, as I visit various sites MB pops up and blocks This apparently is owned by a company called DataCamp in the UK. Why is this site marked as malicious? Just curious. It is the only site that pops up regularly. I don't have a problem with it.
  4. I didn't see this as a MB Windows Firewall Control issue. All the firewall is doing is reporting what's happening. I'm not blocking DHCP on MB WFC. The variable is MB. When I allow an IP address on MB the firewall no longer reports the IP as blocked. It reports it as allowed. My question is why is MB blocking a IP address that should be a private address. Or am I missing something?
  5. I have MB and MB Windows Firewall Control (MBWFC) installed. I have two rules that allow DHCP to In / Out with no restraint. When I look at the log in MBWFC it shows that DHCP IN is blocked. I go to MB and set an IP address to allow DHCP IN. Later, looking at the log I see another IP address blocked. The source IP is I have unblocked two Destination IPs. and I have a feeling that I could be allowing IP addresses to be unblocked in MB for quite awhile. I have no problems with the internet - everything is working. I am curious to know if I am creating myself a problem or if I even have a problem. I understand that IP addresses from - are local addresses and not accessible from the internet. I am using a VPN.
  6. Thanks...I wish Majorgeeks would be a little more clear on that.
  7. On Nov 13 MajorGeeks (Official Mirror for Malwarebytes) showed that a new version of MB was available - I have looked everywhere on the MB forum for this release. I have not downloaded this "update" as I cannot verify it is a legitimate update - not even as a beta. And I let MB decide when to update. What's the story? I like MajorGeeks very much but I'm concerned that wrong information might exist. Thanks.
  8. OK - I installed the new version. The one where the file properties show version No issues. I open MB and go to "About" and the version number is Go figure. I have no idea whether or not I have the latest production version.
  9. Two more questions...why doesn't the update feature in MB update my version to the newest version? Or do I always have to download and install the latest version manually? I guess three questions - should the Release History and News for April reflect the fact there is a new version or are they folks just "late" in posting? I get really confused with MB trying to keep the versions straight so I'm just trying to understand how this all works. Thanks (again).
  10. I have version / 1.0.867 installed. When I ran "check for updates" it didn't find anything. From what I can figure out looking at release history at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045570313-Malwarebytes-for-Windows-update-April-2020 I'm ok. However, when I visited https://fileforum.betanews.com/ it listed version This, I assume is beta. I am not interested in testing beta so I didn't download and install. However, I went to the main MB site https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/ and downloaded the MBSetup.exe file for the heck of it. I checked properties / details for the file and it showed me So now I wonder do I have the latest stable version installed ( and the update simply hasn't been released (which might be yet so I can't update my system or do I have a beta version ( Thanks.
  11. The UI is simply not professionally looking - apart from the fact it's not intuitive. Sorry to the people who put this together but don't ask for feedback if you don't want it. You have a top product. Interface should be clean with a minimal number of clicks to get you what you need. As has been pointed out we very rarely get into the UI. We set it and expect it to stay set. And please remove the cartoon stuff. Too much anime watching guys.
  12. Will Windows Firewall Control be part of MBAM 4?
  13. I'm ok - just more curious than anything else. MB has informed me of many PUPs - like a few utilities from Sysinternals or NirSoft. It seems to be doing a great job at doing what it is supposed to. I just wasn't sure if there was an issue as many other AV vendors were represented on the amtso site. Thank you for your response!
  14. A recent article on ghacks.net (https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/20/how-to-enable-windows-defenders-potentially-unwanted-programs-protection/) discusses "Setting How to enable Windows Defender's potentially unwanted programs protection" As part of that process a test site is referenced to attempt to download a PUP. https://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-potentially-unwanted-applications/. This page not only lets you download a test file but also mentions vendors that support this feature. Malwarebytes is not among those vendors. I have no idea if this is an issue - I make no judgement - I am sharing some information in case you were unaware of it. Thanks.
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