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  1. It says the publisher couldnt be verified, learn more Run View downlaods, do I do run??
  2. Um it says to save to my desktop, how do i do that?? Also when I slept the computer, it woke back up straight away
  3. Wait, I could be infected? You sure its not a just computer problem? In the I'm Infected - what do i do know post, the dds scan thing isn't a virus....?? Just checking..? And when I do what the topic says and stuff, it wont mess up my computer anymore than it may be....?? And when I post the log, it won't give out any presonal information or something like that..........?
  4. Umm I'm not sure if this is related to the double csrss.exe but: When I first started this topic, I'm pretty sure there was only 1 of taskeng.exe and taskhost.exe . (around 8 hours ago) A couple of hours after I started this topic, there was 2 taskeng.exe (1st running as SYSTEM using around 3,600K, 2nd one running as my user using 3,036 - 3,072K) (around 6 hours ago) When I started typing this post you are reading right now, there were 2 taskhost.exe, (1st running as SYSTEM using around 4,164K, 2nd running as my user, I didnt remember the K of memory) (A few minutes ago) After typing some stuff on this post, 1 taskeng.exe dissappeared, leaving the one running as my user. And 1 taskhost.exe dissappeared, leaving the one running as my user. (A couple of minutes ago) Then, the other taskeng.exe came back. Now, there are no copies of taskeng.exe or taskhost.exe. Um so basicly copies of taskeng.exe and taskhost.exe keep coming and going. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, or if they have got to do with the 2 csrss.exe.. There are still 2 csrss.exe and they haven't changed. The only difference is the 2nd csrss.exe is using 2 K's more then before, 2,488K.
  5. Well I haven't noticed anything other then the 2 processes. One day, looking in the task manager I saw 2 csrss.exe. When I click to open properties on both of them only one csrss.exe properties window comes up, I have to close the one thats open to open the other csrss.exe's properties window. I'm not sure what that means but thats what happens. Both of their properties are exactly the same: Type of file: Application (.exe) Description: Client Server Runtime Process Location: C:\Windows\System32 Size: 7.50KB (7,680 bytes) Size on disk: 8.00KB (8,192 bytes) Details Product name: Microsot® Windows® Operating System Product version: 6.1.7600.16385 Copyright: ® Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Size: 0 bytes Data modified: Language: English (United States) Original filename: CSRSS.Exe The first csrss.exe thats in task manager uses: 2,316K of memory And the second uses: 2,480K of memory. They rarley ever use CPU and if they do its around 1-3 CPU. I'm not sure what else I can tell you.
  6. Before you read, this probably isn't that improtant and I don't need an immediate reply. So if you are busy, I can wait. I noticed 1 csrss.exe running in task manager but when I check 'Show Processes From All Users' I see 2. There is only 1 user on this computer. They are both running under the user name SYSTEM. I was searching about it and I think some people said that was normal. But I saw something on a website that if its in the start folder when you search it to delete it immediently as it should start automaticlly at startup and shouldn't be there. (I can't remember exactly what it siad but it was something like that) I just want to make sure if this is true or not as it is in my startup folder and I don't want to delete it if it isn't some kind of virus in case I muck up my computer. I've done a scan with avast free and malwarebytes free and they both came up with nothing. Also I read that in properties of csrss.exe if its got a page icon picture thing then its a virus. A couple of days ago I checked and it had a page icon but now it doesn't so I'm not really sure. Thanks for your time.
  7. Pressing F8 does come up options, but none of them work and I've tried all of them. Safe Mode loads the basic files or whatever then windows starts up, then Installing update 3/3 0% comes up, after a while the computer restarts and does it again. This happends with all of the options. I tried last known good configuration but that didn't work. Can I burn a windows disk? Can I buy one? Can I borrow one? Will it still work??
  8. Thanks again, you've all been helpful. So I guess this topic can be closed or something, do you do that here?
  9. Thanks and sorry I forgot to ask this in my last post, can i do stuff on the computer while it scans??
  10. I installed it and did a quick scan, it found something and removed it (nothing too serious i think...) and I restart it and did another quick scan. Everything seems fine. Thankyou all for answering my questions. I just have one more, should I only do quick scans and do full scans like once a week or something or always do full scans because it says a quick scan is reccomended in most cases. Oh and how long will the full scan take? The quick scan took only around 13 minutes for me.
  11. Could I try without disabling AV and firewall...? If something happens... will it wreck my computer?
  12. OK I downloaded it, on the setup wizard it says I need to temporarily disable my antivirus and firewall. Do I really need to? Is this the right one??
  13. Oh and another question, sorry... Is download.cnet (The link to the download on your website) safe to download it from???
  14. This is a place for computer help?? Forgive me if I'm wrong... My other computer has got the installing updates 3/3 0% then the computer restarts and does the same thing, I cant do anything because it doesnt let me login to windows, so no safe mode or anything is working. I've had it for ages.... So I've tried doing the first answer here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-windows_update/latest-vista-update-stuck-in-stage-3restart-loop/2f70b13c-9db4-4bf9-90ee-7ca63a809973 But I think I need a windows installation disk to get to System Recovery options, which I didnt get one. So what do I do now? If you don't need a windows installation disk to get to System Recovery options then how do I get to this? Thanks for your time.
  15. Thankyou for answering my questions and so quickly! Just double checking, your sure it won't have some installation error that will muck up my computer? Or what if theres already some infection on my compuetr that will stop it from installing?
  16. I hope this is the right spot to post this. Before I download malwarebytes anti-malware free version, I have a few questions: Is malwarebytes going to cause problems or anything, this is my moms computer so i dont want her complaining that i downloaded something annoying or saying "your too obsessed with computer viruses blah blah avast is enough blah blah get your own computer blah blah" (she's not really exactly like that) I am using avast antivirus free, do I need to turn off the realtime shields before downloading or do something to stop a conflict? Does malwarebytes do more then just get rid of malware? What i mean is will it track me or spy on me or have pop up's or something like that? Is there a specific reason why you "Dont go into detail with your product" because to protect it from being hacked/controlled by viruses or because it does something that shouldnt be told to its users....? Finally, is it a good program? Thankyou for your time.
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