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  1. Hi, all Need some help with my S7. A couple months ago it started serving pop-up ads when I would wake the phone or reboot. I've never clicked on any of the ads, but they all appear to be pointing at the Google Play store and have all been for major brands such as Lyft. The other odd thing I've noticed is that I've always been able to easily and quickly browse the entire phone and sd card when connected to my Ubuntu system. Now, however, when I connect for file transfer the loading times for the directory structures and files are extremely long. Other than these two issues, the phone seems to be working as intended. Carrier: Verizon Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 OS: Android 8.0.0 (updated 9/11/18, see attached screenshots for details) Phone is NOT rooted No other security software is running Looking forward to chasing this down. All the best, Scott
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