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  1. Hi MrC, I just checked w/my client. No more "Authentication Required" pop-up. Thank you. You may close this thread now.
  2. Thank you for all of your help, MrCharlie. You take care of yourself and those fine-lookin' dogs of yours. Cheers from Phoenix, AZ

  3. R3 was first, then S1. AdwCleanerS1.txt AdwCleanerR3.txt
  4. No "Authentication Required" pop-ups at financial institution websites. Thank you. You may close this thread.
  5. Good morning. Here are the logs. I did run AdwCleaner initially back on 7/2/13. AdwCleanerR1.txt AdwCleanerR2.txt
  6. I guess I'm good to go? mbar-log-2013-07-08 (23-40-09).txt
  7. Oh, this message popped up when ComboFix started: "The contents of folder C:\Windows\erdnt\Hiv-backup could not be completely deleted!"
  8. Thanks, MrC & Crew. I will run it later tonight as I'm packing up from the office.
  9. Similar to my earlier post from today, I'd like to get the ball rolling on this similarly-infected PC. $20 donation posted for all of your hard work! Thank you. attach.txt dds.txt
  10. All malware removed. Thanks again. mbar-log-2013-07-08 (14-13-20).txt mbar-log-2013-07-08 (14-41-53).txt system-log.txt
  11. Thank you, MrC. attach.txt dds.txt RKreport0_S_07082013_134311.txt
  12. Hello and good day to you. As always, your time, efforts, and help are greatly appreciated. As an IT tech, I've run the gamut of the following tools in attempts to rid this process - tzyoev.exe. The symptom is an "authentication required" pop-up window appears when the user logs onto a financial website. rkill, TDSS Killer, ComboFix, RogueKiller, HijackThis, MBAM Thank you. HKimball HijackThis.txt
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