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  1. This started today for me also. I use Avanquest MyInvoices. In addition to iams, a new popup has appeared blocking tools.avanquest.com. Anyone have a fix yet?
  2. So I checked the file path to agpmgr.exe in the Users directory. Then I checked the startup and an entry for agpmgr.exe was listed. I removed the entry and rebooted. The messages stopped. I scanned the dir but Malwarebytes said it was ok. The file agpmgr.exe is found in the AGP Manger subdirectory. Attached is a photo of that dir under the roaming dir
  3. I see from the file the problems is related to appmger.exe Malicious.txt
  4. I forgot to explain the Malicious Website box keeps opening and closing, after scan, after reboot, it consistently shows.
  5. Starting today, I keep getting a Malicious Website blocked from ayool1.no-ip.org. I have scanned, looked for start up entries, just about every troubleshooting technique. This is a Win 8 box with 16gb ram, Intel i5-2400. I remove viruses almost daily from machines, however, this one has me stumped. By the way, a search for ayool1.no-ip.org does indicate is is a bad site.
  6. Just tried the newest Anti-Rookit beta on a customer’s computer for the first time. I was having trouble removing a nasty rpcss.dll & SVCHost.exe. Killed services, ran Malwarebytes twice, then TDSSKiller, No luck. Ran Malwarebytes Anti-rootkit, and it found the infection, cleaned them, then after a reboot I ran the program again and it found the same thing, however, this time it appeared removed. Then rebuilt the HOSTS file (it had a suspicious entry) and so far all is well. Good Program!
  7. I noticed whenever I ran two Metro apps - one that was a speed test, and one that was a combination of four network tools(DNS lookup, etc), Malwarebytes would block an ip. The programs will still run. After pondering, I theorized that because they were free apps, they were pushing adds when they were opened. Malwarebytes flagged, then stopped the adds. How wonderful if this is true! Will do some more investigation, and report back. I do not want to specify the ip's since I do not consider them F/P.!!
  8. I just started and updated Malwarebytes. I had put the Intel directory into the Ignore list. I will create a system restore point, and take the directory out of the ignore list. I will try with the Intel desktop not active and running for an hour, then turn on the Intel monitoring and see what happens. Will report back this afternoon. I have never used this forum, it's nice to know you are consistently debugging your program. I operate Coast Computing down here in Southern Florida. Last year I installed probably 60 licensed copies for customers. This is only the second time within the past three years your program trashed a box. If I would have known, I would have sent files for you to debug. I spent over an hour on that box and discovered there was an incompatibility with a specific toolbar add-on.
  9. Installed fresh win8pro last week, installed Malwarebytes two days later. My system files are on C:\ and data on D:\. Today, Malwarebytes started quarantining files for the Intel desktop feature, (This computer was a new build with all Intel) When these files were quarantined, since they were monitoring the board's temps, etc. It caused the sytem to BSOD. Had to boot in safe mode, stop Malwarebytes, and restore to a point before the quarantine process started. I configured Malwarebytes to ignore the Intel directory. What a mess!! Running a scan now too see if it pops up
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