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  1. I did not know you could add a "*" in the exclusion rules. Now it works, great !!! I put in the forum of falses/positives to exclude this address Thanks and regards
  2. Hi Malwarebytes detect "www.XX.streamcloud.eu" (where XX is any number). Is false/positive Regards
  3. Hi With the program I use every time a web address to connect are generated, and I have to exclude one by one. It would be possible in the Setup add not only a Web address, but creating a rule? Example: Instead www.21.streamcloud.eu exclude or do www.37.streamcloud.eu etc you can create the following rule: www. *. streamcloud.eu See the attached capture Regards
  4. Did not know. Thank you very much
  5. Virustotal: 5/52 https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/8000a792eeae456a00139c2426fa23475258f050f8a905a3bf3920b68f4fdb1f/analysis/1401120074/ WirelessNetView.rar
  6. sorry, I had not read the rules Regards
  7. IP: Port: 49621 Type:Outbound Regards
  8. keygen is false positive the other file is clean Files.zip
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