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  1. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope it is a good and prosperous one for everyone.
  2. @GT500 Yeah, I don't want to do anything dangerous to my computer. It is my school computer and I don't think my parents would understand me if I told them that I cleaned the thermal compound. They'll just think that I wanted to break it to get another one. Unfortunately, my computer didn't come with a recovery disk, so I can't really recover it (also, all of my school stuff is on it, I don't want to lose it). Haha, don't worry, I won't tell anyone, your secret is safe with me (Emsisoft). You're partly right, kids my age like XBOX and PS3 but a lot of us like PC gaming more. It's just a personal choice. By the way, I like the PS3 too (as well as XBOX), it's not an oversized chunk of blackened soap! @CWB You can't get more mature than me lol. Haha, just kidding. @AdvancedSetup Thanks a lot for the PC parts and the places to get them! I think I'll just build my own PC. I found this series on YouTube teaching you how to build your own gaming PC, is this how I should build it using the parts that you've provided above: Part 1: (There is a Part 2 and 3) Of course I'll be using different parts, but just following this guide should work, right? I can't afford the ~$3,600 one so I guess I'll have to settle for the ~$400 one. It'll still be a improvement over what I have now. Thanks again!! @nosirrah Yeah, I'm probably gonna build my own, using the videos linked above. Thanks for the info
  3. Besides some malware research, watchin' reviews on YouTube, chillin' at forums, the thing I most love to do on my machine is game. Unfortunately, when I bought this computer, I didn't remember this and this computer overheats when I try to play some of my favorite games (Halo, COD, Minecraft, TF2, etc.) I originally bought this computer for school-work because this convertible tablet PC has a stylus which makes it easy to hand-write in Microsoft OneNote (it looks sick . I thought that maybe I could also play some games on it, but it doesn't really work. Yeah, you're right, but I'm not thinking about just any old rig (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung), I'm talking about custom gaming desktops, like iBUYPOWER, CyberPowerPC, CyberTronPC, OriginPC, and DigitalStormPC. This computer is fabulous for school-work, but not really for much else I do defrags, and I use CCleaner. Any other suggestions for making this computer faster would be appreciated Correct, I am using a laptop at the moment but looking for a gaming desktop. As you've mentioned, I could upgrade, but I'm really looking for a custom gaming rig, if you've seen any that meet the criteria, I'd be most grateful Hello, I didn't know you were on this forum I've seen you on the Emsisoft forums, you're the Support/Quality Assurance guy. Nice seeing you here . By the way, you're correct, I do plan to do tons of gaming. I mean, what else is a kid my age gonna do? You're absolutely right, this computer doesn't have a good graphics card. I do like playing my games on at least medium settings (high is preferred of course) and this card just doesn't cut it. Heck, the whole computer doesn't either because it's not meant to game, it's fantastic for school-work though. I should have thought of that before I got it, *sigh*
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to ask if there are any decent desktop computers that you've seen that might be a good deal to check out (under $1,000). This comptuer is gettin' to be kinda old and being 15 means that I don't really have as much dough as I would like. Hope you guys can help, I look forward for your answers.
  5. "Go hard in the yard with this 60 inch..." Wow, I don't think I've laughed this hard for a while. Thanks for sharing
  6. Love the new GUI. Thanks for the brilliant product that you've made MBAM Team and I hope that you continue to improve and prosper. Happy New Year!
  7. Thanks for the support bro I really hope the MBAM Team add this feature. If you don't mind my asking: Were you known as "Buttons" before? I've been a "lurker" on this forum for quite a while before I decided to join and you seem to have the same Profile page. Then again, I might be going crazy, lol.
  8. Ah, I see. I was not aware of a "mbam-clean" utility. Thanks for that useful post, I really appreciate it I've still got a lot to learn
  9. Hey guys, I just think it would be great if you add a "send file" to your labs option on the GUI. Say someone didn't know how to upload a suspicious file to the forum or didn't have the time to, they could upload the file and you guys could analyze it for threats that way. Congrats on the new GUI by the way, I'm lovin' it. Thanks for a great product
  10. Also, say you got a new computer and you want to transfer your life-time license of MBAM to it. Just uninstall, reboot and and use the license key on your new computer. You don't have to buy another license! But you can't use the same license for more than one computer.
  11. Haha, I can't believe this thread is still being replied to, after this time! At the moment, I'm listening to Mitt Romney Style (parody of Gangnam Style) and it's hilarious. Check it out on YouTube if you haven't yet seen it.
  12. I agree. By the way, thanks for the exlusions list, I didn't know that BitDefender had exclusion instructions, but they won't help in this case since BitDefender Free AV doesn't let you add exlusions.
  13. BitDefender Free Editon has been around for a while, and yes it is a scanner. But the Free AV is new and does include real-time monitoring and web protection.
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