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  1. @AdvancedSetupSorry that I am so late !! I actually gave up trying to get MBAM going and forgot about getting back. But I am back to trying again. I ran the script, it did its thing, I rebooted and tried to activate again. The screenshot is attached.
  2. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thanks for the reply and help. The mbam_check log is in my previous post. The other two logs are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. I have been using MBAM for quite sometime, but now on Windows 10 I get the following error: I have a lifetime key. "There is problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license." 1. I entered the key manually - several times. No change. 2. I used MBAM clean ver 2.3 to completely clean MBAM. REBOOTED and reinstalled MBAM. Still same error with activation. 3. Clicking update seems to connect to server, since it says no new updates. 4. Disabled "Windows defender" - the only antivirus I have. No change. 5. Cleaned and re-installed after reboots multiple times - same error. Attached is the mbam_check output. Your help is appreciated. CheckResults.txt