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  1. Thank you for the follow-up. Things are still working as expected with no "Resolving Host" seen on any of the 3 browsers (Chrome; New Edge; Firefox). I think we can consider this issue closed. Thanks again for your help and sticking with me through this. 🌟
  2. Some Great News: I believe this latest Beta has corrected the "Resolving Host" problem! All 3 browsers came up and now work as expected without a re-boot. Question: Is it OK to upgrade Windows 10 to version 2004 or should I wait?
  3. 1. I now have new Windows 10 Recovery Media. 2. All steps to install Malwarebytes WITH Beta have been completed. 3. All 3 browsers (Chrome, New Edge, Firefox) are not experiencing any "Resolving Host" delays. I did a clean re-boot after beta updates. I look forward to tomorrow to see if the mysterious overnight time frame causes problems in the morning.
  4. In preparation, I decided pulled out my Recovery Media, but it appears to be the original Windows 8 DELL XPS 8500 Factory Image. In reading your post on the subject, it also appears that the first "preferred" method would create media for Windows 10 version 2004 versus my current version 1903. Should I update the Recovery Media to Windows 10, which version should it be, and which method should I use from your post? https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/261912-general-notes-on-windows-recovery-media/?do=findComment&comment=1395499
  5. I only have the two browsers (and may IE hidden somewhere). I am open to download something like Firefox, but it is not installed currently.
  6. Fair enough. To answer your second suggestion first, yes I already have recovery media create for this machine. If you would like me to re-install Malwarebytes, I can certainly do so, but please provide the various options you would like me to try to hopefully stop the "Resolving Host" issue, even on a temporary basis. I was aware that the blue sliders would turn of features, but not about the right-click for sub-features/processes. I await your next recommendations.
  7. Update: With Malwarebytes uninstalled, all browsers worked as expected. Closed browsers. I then installed Malwarebytes with beta CU 1.0.988. Opened both Chrome and Edge browsers and received the "Resolving Hosts" issue. Then re-booted with same result. Then uninstalled Malwarebytes again and re-booted. With Malwarebytes uninstalled, all browsers worked as expected. Looks like I will have to wait for future betas to come out that address the "Resolving Hosts" issue. Stay safe.
  8. 1. I took your advice and went to support.dell.com and found an updated BIOS. I updated from A12 to A14 (July 11, 2018). 2. I ran the fix script and have attached the fix log file. Thank you for your continued interest in improving my operating environment. Fixlog.txt
  9. Here are the two files you requested.FRST.txtAddition.txt
  10. 1. Verified latest Chrome release 2. Installed Malwarebytes Browser Guard
  11. Not at this time. Question: is the Resolving Host issue a general one or is it just me? I will monitor to see if things get fixed in a future release.
  12. Thank you for the reply. I don't know if the recommendations you made really apply to me since I am not at Windows 10 2004. Does it also apply to version 1903?
  13. I thought I would provide an update on my thread. After making sure that my Malwarebytes software is at the latest release and my Chrome had all the extensions turned off/removed with the Prefetch also turned off, I still need to reboot daily to get rid of the Resolving Host problem. I then did what I felt was a drastic and unthinkable step; yesterday I uninstalled Malwarebytes completely and re-booted. Guess what I found this morning? No more Resolving Host problem! This is true for Chrome and the new Edge browser (that I think is based on Chromium). So at least in my case, it seems
  14. I normally restart my computer at least 1-2 times a week, however I have had to do it daily since March to get around the Resolving Hosts issue. I did take one more look at my Chrome browser. Based on the previous posts talking about "Preload pages for faster browsing and searching", it always pointed me to a settings section where I could never find the setting. Your @Maurice Naggar: Chrome link forum post above said that they moved it and indeed they did! The setting was ON and I turned it OFF. So let's take it one step at a time and see if changing the Chrome setting fixes the iss
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