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  1. MB 3.2 upgrade deletes MB3 on XP

    Thanks Telos. Manually downloading version updates has always been my preference. When all is well, I usually wait a few weeks after a release to do it that way to avoid bugs the beta testers missed. But I see that the default in MB 3 settings in all my PCs is set to automatically download/install version updates, which I suppose explains this download. I have turned this option off on all my machines.
  2. I have a lifetime licence for Malwarebytes, and have been running MB Premium v.3.1 (without any other AV) on my old XP/sp3 for some time now without any problems. Tonight I got an alert that MB v.3.2 was ready to install, which I thought odd since I hadn't downloaded the newer version. But I figured maybe they were pushing out automatic downloads. Anyways, I accepted the install, which ran partways then threw up an error code (sorry I didn't copy it) and offered me the option to click OK or Cancel. I clicked OK, whereupon I got an alert to restart to complete the installation. So I restarted, and found no copy of any version of MB installed, an alert from Windows Security Center that I had no AV protection, and an empty Malwarebytes folder in C:\Program Files. So I reinstalled v.3.1, had to re-enter my ID and key codes, and things are back to the status quo ante. I ran a Threat Scan which, as always, detected nothing. Just an FYI. Looks like v.3.2 isn't ready for prime time, at least for XP. I also have lifetime licences for Win 7 and Win 10 PCs, which have not offered an upgrade to v.3.2 yet. Which is OK with me!
  3. AuslogicsDiscDefrag a PUP??

    That is not a false positive, not an error. Malwarebytes has taken a firm hand finally to vendors that engage in unscrupulous practices such as bundling unwanted/dodgy software with downloads of otherwise useful programs, or engage in foistware, scareware, and other deceptive marketing tactics. Auslogics has been doing this for years with Disk Defrag. I used it without any problem until 2013, when a version upgrade to Disk Defrag installed Search Protect by Conduit, which changed my homepage and search engine and which prevented all attempts to undo these changes. Fortunately MBAM was able to remove Search Protect, and I uninstalled Disk Defrag. Today, as a test, I downloaded the latest version of Disk Defrag. I did a Custom Installation, and unchecked the pre-checked options to change my homepage to Yahoo, and to make Yahoo my default search engine. These instructions were totally ignored - Auslogics went ahead and tried to make the changes anyway. It heavily bombarded me with warnings of a registry that needed cleaning, junk files that needed removing, and kept trying to get me to download BoostSpeed - basically a registry cleaner. Basically there is nothing wrong with Disk Defrag per se. These new detections are essentially a judgement on Auslogics and its devious marketing practices. If you are using an old version of Disk Defrag (v. from 2013, or earlier) and never upgrade it, then you are OK and can ignore the PUP detections.