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  1. That is not a false positive, not an error. Malwarebytes has taken a firm hand finally to vendors that engage in unscrupulous practices such as bundling unwanted/dodgy software with downloads of otherwise useful programs, or engage in foistware, scareware, and other deceptive marketing tactics. Auslogics has been doing this for years with Disk Defrag. I used it without any problem until 2013, when a version upgrade to Disk Defrag installed Search Protect by Conduit, which changed my homepage and search engine and which prevented all attempts to undo these changes. Fortunately MBAM was able to remove Search Protect, and I uninstalled Disk Defrag. Today, as a test, I downloaded the latest version of Disk Defrag. I did a Custom Installation, and unchecked the pre-checked options to change my homepage to Yahoo, and to make Yahoo my default search engine. These instructions were totally ignored - Auslogics went ahead and tried to make the changes anyway. It heavily bombarded me with warnings of a registry that needed cleaning, junk files that needed removing, and kept trying to get me to download BoostSpeed - basically a registry cleaner. Basically there is nothing wrong with Disk Defrag per se. These new detections are essentially a judgement on Auslogics and its devious marketing practices. If you are using an old version of Disk Defrag (v. from 2013, or earlier) and never upgrade it, then you are OK and can ignore the PUP detections.
  2. Follow-up: I followed your link's instructions for uninstall/re-install of MBAM Premium to the letter. The only glitch in the instructions were: "Please make sure to uncheck the Trial checkmark near the end of the installation." I saw no such opportunity. "Launch the program and click on the Activation button. Then copy and paste your activation ID and Key into the dialog box." I saw no Activation button in the GUI. Yet my new License details indicate I have a new Lifetime License, and a new key I have not seen before, and which I had not entered. There is no Identifier, nor any space to enter one where it would normally appear. Nonetheless MBAM Premium with all real-time protection enabled seems now to be fully activated, and working as well as before, even after 2 reboots. And XP/sp3 is working at full speed in all aspects. As the kids say, "It is all good". And I thank you. I don't know whether to chalk this up to the entropy of a 10 year old XP subjected to a lot of security program testing/patches over the years, or to the spate of problems noted by XP+MBAM users recently, involving severe slowdowns or freezing. Either way, I'm grateful for your help. Joe
  3. Thanks, daledoc1: My absence from the forum is an indicator of just how trouble-free MBAM has been for many years (on all my systems). I will get back to you with my results shortly. Joe
  4. I don't use XP/sp3 much anymore, except as a backup, and in fact haven't used it at all in many weeks. It worked just fine the last time I used it. But when I fired it up today, it was unusable. The screen was frozen, there was an alert about some MBAM service error, and I had to shut down the computer using the power button. A reboot did not help- same problems recurred. I was able to boot into Safe Mode with Networking. The MBAM Premium GUI told me my Real-Time protection was off, even though that option was checked in "Settings". So I disabled all the real-time protection, and removed MBAM from my Startup list. I restarted XP, and everything worked well. A manual MBAM scan detected nothing (as usual. In fact this PC has never been infected with malware, AFAIK). But there is no question that MBAM's real-time protection crippled my computer. I also noticed that my License details have disappeared from the GUI. There is nothing next to "Identifier:" or to "Key:". Next to both "State:" and to "Duration:" is "Unknown". I have to think this is related to the first problem noted. In fact a Lifetime license was granted me after I beta-tested the first versions of MBAM, back in 2007. I still have both the Identifier and Key codes - but no way to re-enter them in the current GUI. And I'm certainly reluctant to attempt re-enabling real-time protection until this problem is sorted out. Any advice on how best to achieve the status quo ante?